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Back into it
November 3, 2015, 11:38 pm
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Recently I have been day dreaming too much.  I think I will start writing some of those thoughts out.

My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it.


I woke up
December 16, 2010, 6:41 pm
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Horny as all get out this morning.  I don’t know why I go through these phases.  I was so  HORNY that while I was stuck in traffic I downloaded porn to my new phone and as soon as I got to my office I had to masturbate quietly in the restroom.   I am still horny and it is almost lunch time I think I am going to have to revisit the rest room again.  Just the thought of double penetration is driving me mad.  I wish I were in a relationship where trying that would be ok.

On a One Mile High
September 23, 2010, 9:34 pm
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My return flight from a week long stay in Vegas was scheduled for Wednesday night at 9:35 pm. It had been a long week of fulfilling many of my tastes, but that is a story for another time.  I fly with Southwest  because the rates are right and you can choose your own seat. If you are early to your flight you get the best choice, but with my buzz still penetrating my brain I barely made it to the airport in time to catch my flight.

As I was racing through the air port I caught a glimpse of a couple that were doing the same.  I recognized their faces, but couldn’t place where from.  After reaching my gait with ample (two minutes or so) time to board the couple came racing up behind me.  My second glance brought back a pleasurable memory from the beginning of the week.  Monday night was interesting and a first, but very enjoyable.  It was my first time at a swingers event (I just happened upon it in a club) I will let your imagination fill in the blanks.

What are the chances that this couple would be traveling back to Boise Idaho at the same strange time on Wednesday night?  As I walked through the corridor onto the plane my heart began to race. Just before curving into the actual plane I looked back and stopped and turned to them entering the plane behind me. They both smiled and focused on me.  I smiled and waited for them to approach. I asked “Hey there how was your stay in Viva Las Vegas?” They both smiled and undressed me with their eyes and she returned with “The clubs and couples were amazing.” They followed me into the plane he in front of her.  I could feel their eyes undressing me from behind.  The plane was rather empty and many seats in the back were not taken.  I head towards the far back and found a section where no one else was even close to being around.

As I put my carry-on in the over head bin I was surprised to see him doing the same next to me.  As mine was secure I turned and waited for his to be as well as he was blocking the seat that I was intending on taking. He turned towards me and with a glimmer in his eye asked “May we sit with you?” I nodded with a devilish smile on my face.  He took the window seat.  As I wait for her to take the seat next to him she complained “But we like our friends to be in the middle” so I filed in next to him and she next to me.  The flight was running a few minutes late and the flight attendant stated that all passengers were on board.  Introduced myself “my name is Jera what are your names.”  He answered first (and was obviously the dominate one sexually in the relationship) “Jeff” and I turned my attention to his beautiful wife “Jenny” she stated quietly.

Jeff and Jenny were an amazing couple.  They were not Calvin Klien models by any means, but they were both beautiful.  Jeff had a very dominate chin, dark hair, dark eyes and an olive complexion.  He was rather tall standing approximately six foot three inches and very muscular.  Jenny was about five feet five inches with four inch heels and a black mini skirt.  She had dark blond hair and brown eyes. Her body was amazing she wore about a size 8 with curves in her hips and breasts to match at a full C small D. She stood taller than my five foot one structure, and her tits were huge in comparison to my own barely B cup.

Jeff was wearing baggy cargo shorts and a loose fitting polo shirt.  Jenny looked as if she had just walked out of a club and onto the plane in her brown mini skirt and silky halter.  I had just left the club and was wearing a black mini skirt and a dark maroon tank that flowed over my waist.

The attendant checked on the passengers and was passing out small blankets that couldn’t hardly cover a small child.  Jenny asked for three and thanked her.  The captains voice came across the intercom and informed us that the flight was a about to begin.

As he drove us to the take off strip Jeff became very comfortable in conversation with no ears around to hear. “You were at the Swingers Get Together on Monday right?”

I smiled at Jenny then turned my attention to Jeff “Yes I was. And I had a great time did you?”

Jenny asked “How did we keep missing each other?”

I stated “Every time I was coming towards you, the two of you had found another couple or person.”

Jeff then placed his hand on my exposed thigh and he said “Second chances for everything right?”

I nodded agreeing as Jenny then placed her hand on my other thigh.  Both of their hands were soft. Jenny’s touch was also very soft, but Jeff’s large hand gripped my thigh tightly. Jeff asked “Do you trust us and want to have a good time on this flight?”  Thoughts were racing through my head and moments later I said “What happens on the plane from Vegas stays on the plane from Vegas?” Both of them laughed and said “Yes” and I responded with “I would love to trust you and have a good time on this flight!”.

Jeff smiled at Jenny and she took his hint.  She unbuckled her belt and squeezed her body between my legs and her face between my knees.  She looked up and said “Do what he tell you to”.  His hand slid behind my back as the other pulled up my skirt.  He said “Scoot your cunt to the edge of the seat and lean back.”  I did what I was told his hand ventured up my skirt pushing it around my hips he discovered that I was wearing no panties as his fingers met my bare clit.  I felt exposed on this plane with so many people around. He lifted my leg over his then demanded “put your other leg over the arm rest” I did as I was told.

He looked down at his wife and told her to suck on my clit.  She did as she was told.  My pussy was dripping wet.  Jeff’s hand was still behind my back and he slid it under my ass and two of  his fingers slid into me.  He did not move them other than in.  I could feel him spreading his fingers inside of me making my tight cunt loosen for his next finger. As he slid  a third finger into me he told Jenny to lick from his fingers to my clit. She did as she was told.

I felt a rush heat come over my body. I closed my eyes and leaned my head on Jeff’s shoulders.  He grabbed my hand and pulled it to his exposed hard cock. I looked down and saw that he had unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts.  He wrapped his large hand around mine and told me to “Fuck my cock hard”.  I gripped him tight and began stroking him quickly his hand released from mine and pulled my tank and bra down exposing my small tit for him. His mouth found my nipple and he shoved his bent his fingers at the knuckle filling my opening double.

My grip on his cock loosened from excitement. He demanded “Don’t stop fucking my cock hard you slut!”  My grip tightened again. I was having a difficult time concentrating as Jenny was licking my clit, his fingers fucking my cunt, and his mouth nibbling on my nipple.

The plane was close to being at a cruising altitude, but the turbulence began.  The captain asked over the intercom that the attendants’ stay seated.  Jenny giggled with joy pushing vibrations against me almost making me cum. Jeff lifted from my tit and pulled his fingers from me. “Jenny put your hands under her ass and spread her cheeks for me.” She did as she was told and his wet middle finger jammed into my ass with no warning. I squirmed with pleasure and Jenny began working her tongue into fill the hole that he left. “Now Jenny use two fingers and fuck our little slut with them.” Two of her fingers entered me and she began fucking me hard while sucking on my clit.  He pushed his finger deep into my ass and gripped my hand around his cock again holding it tighter and quickening my pace.

Jenny then began suckling on my clit and my exposed nipple became very hard. Blood rushed through my chest causing it to turn red and I whimpered “I am going to cum.” Jeff pulled his finger from my ass just as I was about to cum he rammed it back into me.  This action send me into one of the hardest orgasms I have ever felt in my entire life.  My body gyrated against their hands and finally collapsed back into the seat.

Jenny found her seat and propped my leg onto her lap leaving me exposed. Jeff pulled my shirt back over my breast and pulled his finger and hand my ass.  He leaned across me and began kissing Jenny licking my juices from her face.  He then forced her mouth to mine and she teased my lips with her tongue.  He told me to taste myself and she placed her finger into my mouth for just a moment then they found my wet mound and again into my mouth covered in my cum.

The captain again came over the intercom and said that all was well and the attendants rose from their seats.  Jeff told me to “get decent again.”  He then said “Jera its Jenny’s turn” She stood and motioned me to move to the outside seat. As she passed in front of me she pressed her pussy down on my leg.  She sat and covered herself with the small blanket covering Jeff’s still exposed hardened cock.  He told me “put the blanket up and over your shoulders and slid your hand under Jenny’s and find her wet cunt”.  I did as I was told “Now spread her lips with two of your fingers.”  His hand made its way to her clit. And he whispered something into her ear and she agreed. His finger slid in one motion from he wet hole to her clit. “Act like you are asleep and lean your head on her shoulder. Now put your hand up her shirt and twist her nipple hard.” I did as I was told Jenny whispered to me “This is how I love to cum, a stranger helping my husband.”  I twisted her nipple hard and she smiled.  She tightened her grip around his cock as his fingers from his free hand found her other nipple.

The flight attendants were close to us with the cart full of peanuts and drinks.  I was thirsty, but wanted Jenny to cum for us.  I ignored my thirst and the three of us acted asleep as the attendants walked by.

The short flight was about half over and Jenny’s cunt was dripping onto the seat as Jeff slowly rubbed her pussy from the top to the bottom. His free hand met mine and helped me twist her nipple harder between my fingers. She moaned lightly and I continued to twist as hard as I could.  Jeff then too my hand spreading her open and forced my fingers inside of her.  He then began stroking her again and whispered to me “slowly pull them in and out”.  I did as his pace quickened rubbing directly on her clit.  I could feel her cunt tightening around my fingers and I squeezed her tit as hard as possible making her cum all over me and the seat. Jeff began kissing her and then turned his attention to me.  “Taste her now.” I pulled my fingers from her dripping off the tips and placed one in my mouth Jenny then found my other finger with hers we were both sucking on my hand tasting her at the same time. She then found my lips with her tongue and force it between.

The flight was about to begin its decent and the captain announced that we would soon arrive in Boise, Idaho.

Jeff was the only one that has yet to be please. Jenny and I looked at him with a desire to please him in our eyes.  He began saying “I want to wait and bring Jera with us home”. Jenny’s expression was pleasure.  She turned to me and began kissing me and nibbled her way down to my neck and close to my ear. She begged me to join them for the night.

Thoughts of pleasure and excitement and Jeff’s cock inside of me with Jenny licking my clit forced me to say yes.  I didn’t have a ride home anyhow and was going to have to take a taxi.  I agreed.

Feet firm on the ground after the eventful return flight from Vegas tag teamed by a beautiful woman and very sexual man taking care of my desires the best way known. The three of us gathered around the luggage return and waited impatiently for our items. Thoughts spinning though my mind like the wind in a tornado.   I asked myself if this is what I really wanted and my thoughts immersed myself back to Jenny licking my wet mound while Jeff pinched my nipples.  This is not how I had imagined it would be.  My first time with a woman.  I found it easy while on the plane, I had no were else to go, but now my nerves were setting in and I was beginning to second guess myself.

Jeff saw the nerves building in my expression.  My face began to harden and he did not want to loose his chance of being able to take us both home.  He asked if Jenny would grab let us know when the bags came and then asked “would you like to step outside with me?” placing a cigarette behind his right ear.  I nodded and walked the short distance out of the small airport and sat next to him on the cold cement bench.  It was dark out, but the lights from the building light up his handsome face.

He offered me a cigarette and slightly touched the palm of my hand when I accepted.  He pulled a lighter from his pants and lit my cigarette with one hand and stroked the side of my face with is other. His touch sent bolts through my spine making me shiver a bit. “Are you cold he asked?”.

I nodded “yeah I am, and nervous too.”

“I can tell, maybe we could go grab a drink and chat for a bit before… ?” His words trailed off into a smirk thinking of what he wanted.

“I think it would be good to go grab a drink” I replied meeting his grin with one of my own.

Jeff stood flicked his smoke and reached for my hand pulling me through the doors towards the baggage return. Jenny met us seeing my hand in his and smiled. “I think they should be here soon” Jenny stated. Jeff whispered in her ear to quite for me to hear, but I assumed he told her we were going to go get a drink first then go home. She nodded and her eyes met mine.

The bags began filing into the pick up area my small red bag was one of the first out and as I went to grab it Jeff stepped past me and pulled it off for me.  He sat it next to him.  Jeff and Jenny’s came a few minutes later and with one sweep he grabbed both large bags with ease.

Luggage in tote we went walked out of the building and towards the parking garage.  My car was close to theirs.  Jeff asked “would you like to ride with us?”.  I took a few moments to gather my thoughts and determined that the extra expense of leaving my car another night would not be one I want to take.  I replied “No how about I just follow you?”.  He nodded while loading their bags into their black suabaru and I loaded mine into my economy car.

My mind went back to the race track as I followed them through the city into downtown Boise. They pulled into one of the main parking garages giving us many options for the night.  There were bars of all kinds all around as well as hotels if it got that far.

My purse in tote I jumped from the car excited, nervous, and spinning.  It took me a couple seconds to get my balance in gear.  I met them behind their subaru with a smile. Jeff and Jenny both smiled back a smile that made my cunt drip.  My physical reaction to thier stares made my mind up that I would join them for  night, but I now I had to convince my nerves.

“Where to?” Jenny stated as she started walking for the elevator.

Jeff looking at me and said “let’s go somewhere with a little music to cover our conversation.” His grin sent shivers down my spine. “How about the Balcony?”

“Sure” I squeeked with a nervous tone.  The Balcony was a well known gay club with good music and dancing.  I had been there many times in the past with ‘friends’ really I was there looking at women trying to act straight.

I have always known I was bi sexual, but acting on it was something different.

We walked through the white tiled corridor and into the the establishment.  There were many people around, being it a Friday night and the town was awake. The chatter filled the room above the music.

Jeff lead us to a table in the back corner for a bit more privacy. I sat first and Jenny took her place next to me. Then Jeff went to fetch drinks for us.

Jenny took the opportunity alone with me to place her hand on my thigh and asked “Are you ok? I mean comfortable?” I nodded yes because I was becoming more and more comfortable.  Jeff returned with long island iced teas for us all and giggled when he found Jenny’s hand on my thigh.

His laughter also eased my nerves.  I wanted her hand there and I wanted so much more also.

Chatter became banter as the drinks easily went down. Jeff stepped out to the patio and onto the phone.  I assumed he was making reservations and assumed that I would be joining them.

He returned with a grin larger than I had seen that night.  He exclaimed “I got a jacuzzi suite!”and he reached for Jenny’s hand and she reached for mine.

We were leaving. We only had two blocks to go.  Chatting as we went the topic changed when Jeff said “I can’t wait to watch you two… ” He sighed. We both laughed as Jenny pulled me closer to her stopping she placed her hands on my face pressing her lips to mine. Her tongue raced to mine as she embraced me and kissed me like I hadn’t been kissed before. She let her grip loose soon later and began walking pulling me behind them. I couldn’t think, talk or walk.

Jeff went to check in as we entered the hotel and Jenny said she had to use the rest room so I followed her thinking it would be a good idea.  After we had both finished we met each other at the sink. She washed and dried her hands quickly and as I went for the paper towels she pressed her body against mine and into the sink. Her hands were more forceful finding my breasts as her tongue danced with mine. My hands found her shoulders and then her neck.  I pulled her face close to me embracing her decision. She slid one hand under my shirt and onto my bare stomach.  In a quick moment her fingers were squeezing my erect nipple.  I knew we had some time alone.

She pulled my shirt above my breasts and began tugging my bra up as well.  Her lips found my nipple and she began nibbling lightly with her teath. I placed my hands on the back of her head and slid my fingers through her silky hair. She placed her right hand on the inside of my left thigh stroking it slowly coming close to my wet mound. Her last stroke her mouth found my neck and her finger slid into my exposed cunt. She steped back smiled at my astonished look with my breasts exposed and my skirt pulled up. She stepped towards me lightly brushing my nipples with the backs of her hands as she pulled my bra over them followe by my shirt.  She straightned my skirt and whispered in my ear. “Ready?”

I was ready for so much. I grabbed her neck again and placed my lips to her I teased her bottom lip with my tongue momentarily and pulled away.  I took two deep breaths composing myself and walked out of the bathroom.

Jeff was sitting on a couch not too far away and jumped to his feet when he saw me.  He walked directly to the elevator and held the door for us key in hand.  As it shut behind him he stood smug looking at both of us Jenny’s finger interwound in mine.

The elevator doors opened and Jeff spun quickly out and to the right. We followed him to room 403.  The key opened the door quickly and Jenny entered the room then I did, but Jeff didn’t follow. He smiled as he closed the door.

We were alone again.

Jenny began unbuttoning her blouse exposing her cherry red bra and her full breasts plumping over the confines of it.

I made my move. Pressing my body against her’s we fell onto the large bed. I began licking her amazing body starting at her flattened stomach to her cleavage I grasped both of her breasts in my hands and pulled her bra down my tongue found one nipple then the next as I skipped between them making sure neither felt abandond.

She saw that I was enthrawled with her tits and knew that was as far as I was going to go. She pulled her self from under me and found herself on top. I gave in and laid back.

She tugged at the zipper on my skirt and said “take off your shirt” in a seductive tone that rang through my ears. I did and a the moment she was pulling my skirt down to find my wet cunt already dripping on the linens my shirt was off and I was exposed laying ther in only my bra.

She let her shirt fall from her shoulders and removed her bra infront of me I sat up and found the zipper to her skirt and slowly unzipped it for her as it fell to the ground I laid back looking at her amazing body that was on display for me. Her shirt and bra fell to the ground and she laid on top of me her hands found my mid back as her tongue found my lips. She carefully took my bra off with out me even realizing that it was gone. Her naked body and its heat pressed against me. She manueverd her thigh and pressed it against my pussy. I could feel my juices saturating her leg.

She quickly slid down the bed and began gently licking the labia of my cunt. Tugging lightly at it making room for her tongue to make its way inside. She looked up at me with her nose on my clit and saw the satifaction in my eyes as they met.  She rose slowly pulling her tongue from my hole licking to my clit and said “Relax just close your eyes and relax,” I did and her fingers slipped into my wet cunt as her tongue focued on my clit.

My hip rode down on her fingers and my hands found the back of her head. I could feel myself letting loose as her motion was the same licking from her fingers inside of me to my clit. I felt my muscles cramp down on to her fingers as I exploded into an intense orgasim. She continued and slowly pulled her fingers from me and began licking the juices off of herself and me.

“My turn” she stated and pulled me ontop of her. I began licking and tugging just as she had done to me. I heard the door open behind me and pulled away seeing Jeff’s amazed expression that Jenny had broken me. I did not stare too long but smiled and began licking her again.

My knees undermyself my face planted in Jenny’s cunt leaving myself wide open for inviation. Jeff leanded over and began kissing Jenny as he tugged at her nipples. Jenny pulled away grabbed his erect cock “fuck her while she is fucking me.”  I looked up and saw her smiling at Jeff as her grip on his cock loosened and he found his place on the bed behind me. I felt his fingers examine my moist cunt and he knew that Jenny had already preped me for his arrival. He quickly forced his large cock into my tightened cunt. Jenny held my head forcing me to lick her with my fingers fucking her as he began slowly fucking me. His hands were wrapped around my ass and he pressed his thumb into my hole. I had only tried anal a handful of times and enjoyed anal play. The tip of his thumb danced around my anus teasing it with his touch.  I wanted him inside of me and I pressed my ass onto his thumb excitedly.

My mind was going crazy with excitment I had his cock in my cunt, his finger in my ass, my face planted on Jenny’s clit, and my fingers deep inside of her.

Her hips began jolting forward moaning and almost screaming and I knew that she was about to cum I held my place my face being pressed into her hard and harder with Jeff’s thrusts. She began to cum tightening down on my fingers Jeff pressed the back of me head hard into her my tongue pressed against her clit.

Jeff pulled his hard drenched cock from my cunt and laid next to us.  He grabbed Jenny and demanded “ride my cock” and she did as she was told and I watched while she slid her cunt over his cock.  I reached for her breasts but Jeff pulled me on top of him and I sat on his face his hands wrapped around my thighs pulling my cunt onto his lips.

I was facing Jenny and still watching as she was bouncing ontop of his cock coming in and out of her. She reached out for my face and leaned into kiss me. Her hand found my nipple and my hand as she force it to her nipple and began squeezing my fingers tightly around them and tugging at them forcefully. Her tongue found mine and was wrestling for space examining the inside of my mouth as she had done to my cunt. This went on for some time pulling and twiting nipples while Jeff pleased our pussys.

The focus changed and Jenny lifted herself off of him and with his streangth he flipped me onto my back. He placed his hands lightly around my throat and Jenny pulled my feet over his shoulders and tied my ankles with her belt making it difficult to move. She then sat above me kneeling on my my arms and lightly covering my mouth with her hand. She whispered “raping a girl like you is our favorite fetish”. The word rape stuck in my mind, I wasn’t being raped I wanted him to fuck me while she held me down, but they wanted me to struggle. I began thrashing my body about to get away from thier hold, but not able to in the same sense. She started giggle and asked “you having fun?” and I nodded so they knew I was ok with what they were doing.  I felt Jeff’s hands tighten around my neck as he began fucking me harder than before. I knew that this was a part of thier plan.

Jenny let my arms loose and Jeff took his hands from my throat and Jenny dissappeared for a while but he was still fucking me hard I gasped for air inbetween his thrusts. I felt pressure on my ass it was cold and when I looked I saw Jenny behind Jeff she was putting her vibrator into me also.  It was thin with good vibrations I knew I was going to cum from this. She forced it into my ass on the same stroke as Jeff forced his cock into my cunt. “I am going to cum” I screamed out.  Jeff thrust harder “Cum on my cock you little slut”.  I couldn’t move, but my entire body shivered as I tightned down on him and the vibrator in my ass.

Jenny untied my ankles and Jeff released his grip, quickly pulled his cock from me and pounced on Jenny. He grasped her throat tighter than he had mine and forced his cock deep inside of her.  I took her belt and tied her ankles around his back. Jeff slipped through pulling her ankles to his neck.  “Fuck her in the ass with that” he saw the vibrator in my hand. I positioned myself behind them and forced it into her as he had said. I could hear her grasping for air and saw her body begin to shake. Jeff then began quickly pushing in and out of her making sure that she would cum on him also.  After she was done Jeff lifted his grip form her neck and I removed the toy from her ass. She screamed with excitement “that was … amazing…”

Jeff looked at me and asked “If I cum inside of you can she lick it out?” Being on birth control I thought about it for a bit knowing that I was mostly safe “as long as I cum again” I said. He smiled and flipped me on my stomach pulling my ass into the air his cock found my worn cunt and his thumb in my ass. Jenny dissapeared again while he tugged on my hair pulling me onto his cock. She returned with the vibrator and spread my legs and then sat next to me. With one hand she held the vibrator on my clit and the other she molested my breasts. They were both concentrating on me and only me. Jenny slid under me and Jeff released his grip of my hair. She again moved the vibrator to my clit and we began kissing. Jeff’s strokes of his cock were long and hard taking his time. Again I began to shake melting under their touch. I came hard and sighed in relief. Jeff’s pace quickened and within moments his cum was filling my cunt. He groaned loudly and fell to the side. Jenny told me “sit on my face” I pulled my body across hers and my cum filled cunt met her lips as Jeff watched her suck and swallow what he had left behind.

When she was done I collapsed between them. Jeff rose turned down the lights and pulled the mangled covers over our bodies and he slipped between us pulling us on top of him. I felt comfortable with Jenny’s hands resting on my face.

The night and exhaustion took all of us, I hadn’t slept that well ever.

Onto Her…
September 23, 2010, 9:31 pm
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Pressing my face into her wet mound I was breathing her in. Teasing her hole with my tongue and exciting her clit with the tip of my nose. The days events that lead me to this position are spinning through my mind.

Like usual I start my day at Moxi Java with a venti Mexican Mocha. As I was waiting for my jump start to be done the most amazing looking woman walked through the entry doors and into my life. She stood about five foot four inches naturally with her heels add another two inches. Her hips swayed from side to side, she was pulled together in a tight pencil skirt that left little to the imagination of her curves. Her white blouse laid flat against her stomach exposing her small pooch the darts on her shirt stitched right up to her her full firm breasts. Her light brown hair was pulled up into a french twist with stragglers falling around her face. Her eyes were amazingly blue with a tint of green, full lips outlined to perfection. She was amazing.

I wanted so badly to reach out and touch her arm as she stood in line, but instead I caught her eye contact and smiled at her.  She returned the favor, but I was not sure she was thinking what I was.  My looks weren’t were I wanted them to be meeting this type of woman.  That morning I pulled on my  favorite black skirt with just a plain t-shirt looking top.  Black flats covered my feet exposing just the tips o my nails with red paint chipping away.  My hair was pulled back into a tight bun.  I wore no makeup or jewelry, really I felt like I was at the bottom of the barrel.  But she smiled.

Instead of taking my coffee on the run I decided to stay and drink it there and see where Ms. Amazing was going.  I didn’t watch the clock or worry about being late to work.  I watched her order, pull her black wallet from her purse, walk across the room to pick up her coffee and when she went to turn towards the door I caught her glance again and smiled.  She knew I was watching her every move.  Her path towards the exit soon became towards the couch across from me.  She picked up the news paper smile at me over the pages and began to read.  I leaned forward examining the wrapper of my coffee cup looking up at her for a glance to see her eyes. She lowered the paper and I began staring at her, first her breasts slowly up to her neck and collar bone, her smile, and finally I my eyes met her eyes.  She new I was interested in her physically and she was still smiling.

I stood to use the restroom while still staring into her eyes.  As I turned I could feel her glare penetrating to my skin.  While finishing up in the restroom I let down my hair and made myself look as presentable as possible.  I went to open the door and to my surprise she was standing there and I froze standing in the door way looking at her smile. I couldn’t move. She asked me what my name was.  I couldn’t talk for a moment, but finally Jera lightly spoke through my lips.  She giggled and said her name was Nancy.  She took a couple steps closer to me and I could feel the heat from her breath on my neck as she began to whisper into my ear.  She said “I saw you too”, I sighed deeply, then she continued with “and I like that you saw me”.  Luckily the Moxie  that we were at has a bathroom area that is very difficult for others to see.  She pressed her body against mine and through the open door. She turned around and shut the door behind her and began unbuttoning her blouse.  My eyes fixated on the tips of her fingers pressing and opening the holes of her buttons so gently but with enough force to pop them through quickly.

I looked up into her eyes and she placed her hands on the back of my neck pulling me close to her.  She knew I was nervous and she asked “Have you ever before?” I replied “No”. She smiled and looked into my eyes and said “take a deep breath” I did.

She pressed her lips to mine and my hands met her hips so perfectly.  Her tongue gently caressed my lips pressing into my mouth massaging my scared tongue. Nancy lifted her lips from mine and began kissing my forehead moving to my eyes and nose and finally my neck and ear lobes.  I moaned my body was aching for her.

Nancy whispered “are you ok?” I nodded in agreance with her actions. She stood back and my hands moved from her hips to her shoulders brushing her unbuttoned blouse over them exposing her lace covered breasts.  Her nipples were standing erect.  Her hands met the back of my neck again and she pulled my mouth close to her tit. I pressed my cheek against her nipple I felt shivers racing down my spine ending in my clit.  My pussy began to burn for her attention.  My lips met her breast I did not know what to do.  Her hands retreated from my neck behind her releasing the clasps of her bra exposing her firm breasts entirely to me for me. Her bra dropped to the ground and I gasped with excitement.  My tongue met the tip of her right nipple teasing it circling it. I cupped my hand around her breast and the other moved to her left nipple pinching lightly. I took her nipple into my mouth completely. I looked up to find her eye fixed on me she smiled and nodded.  After moments of my mouth and hands engulfing both of her breasts, nipple hard and excited.  She pulled my face to hers and began kissing me again.  My hands still tightly cupping her breasts, hers began exploring my stomach moving around to my hips. She turned me against the lavatory sink and began exploring my back with the tips of her fingers gently making their way to the clasp of my bra working it loose her hands followed the straps to my ribs next to my breasts.

She tugged at my shirt pulling it over my head exposing my body to her.  She began kissing sensually down my neck following my collar bone then dropping to my hardened nipples. I watched the tip of her tongue meet the tip of my nipple, the sensation sent shivers again down my spine and my head dropped behind me in excitement.  Involuntarily my hips pressed forward into her inviting her to find me.   Nancy pulled my breast into her mouth taking the focus away from her hands that had made it to the zipper on my skirt. She tugged at it and before I knew anything she pulled it to the ground exposing my lace covered  clit protruding through the fabric.  Her free hands began exploring my bottom half working their way slowly from my ass to my inner thigh.

Her right hand firmly grasping my ass she slid it down the back of my leg wrapping to the inside of my left thigh tightly.  She pulled my thigh from the other exposing my wet cunt to her.  She still had a firm grip on my tit with her mouth but her fingers from her free hand found my clit and through the lace she rubbed me.  I could feel the wetness soaking through my panties.  She placed her finger flat against the curves of my wet mound and began rubbing from my clit to my ass in one constant motion. Over and over she pressed her hand into me meeting my clit at the top of her stroke.  She began to pick up the pace sending me close to an orgasm. She felt my body begin to shake.

In one motion she pulled her lips from my breast and my panties to my knees her tongue found my engorged clit as she slid one finger deep into my wet mess.  She began fucking me with her fingers and teasing my clit.  She pressed two fingers deep inside of me and her thumb found my ass hole and slowly worked its way inside.  Licking my clit she looked up at me and in a firm voice said “do you like me fucking you like you are mine?”  I loudly said “YES”.  Her tongue met the base of her fingers plunged deep ito my cunt.  She licked over and over from her fingers to my clit sending me into a complete frenzy over powered by my body shaking I began to cum.

My tight pussy clentched down on her fingers and she pulled them from me and drove them back insde with force over and over. After she no long felt me gripping down on her she pulled her fingers from me.  She stood placing one finger in my mouth allowing me to taste what she had done to me.  She saved her second finger for herself licking my juices off leaving reminance of me on her tongue she forced it into my mouth and my tongue met hers twisting and sharing the fruit of her labor.

I pulled back from her and said “May I try?” She nodded and unzipped her pencil skirt, I tugged at her thong and spun her so her ass was on the counter.  She slid herself onto the counter and spread her legs revealing to me her dripping wet cunt. My hands met the inside of her thighs. I began caressing them each stroke closer to her.  My lips met hers as my finger slid into her pussy. I did not know what to do.  I began kissing her neck and I asked her “what do you like?” looking for guidance on my actions.  She told me that “I want you to fuck me with your mouth.”

Pressing my face into her wet mound I was breathing her in. Teasing her hole with my tongue and exciting her clit with the tip of my nose.  Both hands rose to her lips spreading them apart allowing me access to all of her.  My tongue would start at her dripping hole and slid up to her clit. The tip of my tongue circled her ass leaving lubrication. Spreading her lips with one hand a finger on each I.  I licked my free thumb and slowly began pressing it into her ass. I assumed that she did things to me that she herself liked.  My thumb slid partially into her and my forefinger pressed quickly into her pussy in and out all while my thumb stayed where it was.  I then began suckling on her clit keeping my motion constant and steady.  I felt her tightening down on my fingers making it difficult to pull them from her.  Her cunt was so strong but I found her rough g spot and began massaging it quickly and firmly.  With my lips around her clit the tip of my tongue pressing onto it.  She began cumming on me her juices were dripping down my hand.  I pulled my thumb from her ass and began twisting my fingers inside of her touching every part I pressed hard feeling the tips of my fingers finding the end of her.  Her hips began pressing harder onto my hand she was fucking me hard her hands met the back of my head and pull my lips to her clit again.  She was about to cum for the second time.  She said “Don’t stop” followed by “Fast” and then “Please suck harder”.  Again she was cumming and juices dripped to the ground.  Her body went limp and I pulled my fingers from her still contracting cunt and I began licking up everything that she gave me.  She grabbed my hand and pulled it to her mouth licking herself off of me.

I picked up her bra from the floor and pulled each hand through and clasped the back.  I pulled the straps to the center of her shoulders.  Then I found her shirt following the same motion pulling her hands through.  I began to button it from the bottom.  Through her open shirt I gently kissed the top of her breast. Finishing the buttons I leaned in and kissed her smiling face.  I then took her skirt and placed it over her heels as she slid off of the counter I pulled it to her hips tucking her shirt as I went and reached for the zipper. She stood there watching me get dressed and as I was about finished she began pulling paper and pen from her purse.  She wrote her phone number and e-mail on the receipt from her coffee.  Before I could say anything and still partially dressed she left.

Daddy’s Day (day 4)

The afternoon of day three quickly became the early morning of day 4 as Dave and I slept until it was past 2:30 am. I awoke with his now soft cock lingering inside of my sore fuck hole. I did not move and just pondered what was happening and what has happened. This has been a surreal long weekend.   It was hard to tell the day and the time being a sex slave  with no windows or any signs of a normal life beyond these walls. After 3 full days of sex in every imaginable position fulfilling close to every sexual fantasy known to man one would think that I would be angry and hostile towards my captive and my father.  I am not though.  I am excited to start my life as a submissive to my father and my future lovers.

I felt the Dave’s breath on my neck as he started to softly kiss me and then nibble his way up to my ear.  His cock hardened inside of me. Lovingly and slowly he took me.  He rolled onto his back and pulled me onto his cock with my ass facing his head.  “I want to watch you make love to my cock” and I rocked up and down on him as he watched his member slip deep into me.  My arms and legs became very tired and my pace slowed and then stopped.  “Keep going” Dave demanded, but I felt as if I couldn’t continue it had been over 45 minutes of me bouncing on and off of his cock. I whined “I can’t go any longer, I am sorry”.  He laughed and said “ok, ok, that is fine I guess it is my turn” he quickly began forcing his hips up and down as his thumbs found my sore asshole. He slid both of them in and pulled my ass open as he pushed me off of his cock.

I fell onto his knees face first and he began to punish me for disobeying him. He slapped my bare ass numerous times until it was red and tears filled my eyes.  “You must do as I say, no matter the situation or how loving I seem to be towards you, you still must obey.” I replied “of course, yes sir” I knew I had to follow his orders, but I was so tired and felt that I couldn’t physically go any farther, but he knew that I could and I should have kept fucking him until he told me to stop. Now go clean your ass out.

I went into the shower inserted the hose turned on the water and filled my ass with warm water.  I forced it all out and then again filled, forced it out and again filled.  Until my ass was clean for him.

I returned to the bed and lovingly he forced me onto my back on the bed and he mounted me like his prey. He slowly pressed his still erect cock onto my open cunt as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Softly we made love until we both had cum on/in each other multiple times after 2 hours did we take a rest and nap until the next encounter. I again spooned into him as he pressed his erect cock into me.  We slept.

We both were woken by a knock on the door.  Dave said “That is probably your father with your gift, he told me he would bring it by today” I paused looking at him like a young giddy child waiting to open their first Christmas gift with a smile spread across my face. “Well you better go answer it.”  I made no attempt to cover my naked body as I bound for the door.  I opened it quickly and a wet nose found my stomach. It caught me off guard and I screamed as my father said “Happy Birthday BABY”. Hawley stood behind my father with her arms crossed and eyes on the floor again she looked tired and used. My father was holding a leash and on the end of the leash was a very large Black Great Dane with a large wet nose and a big bow around his neck.

I loved animals and have always wanted a dog. I knelt in front of him and threw my arms around his furry neck. “Oh thank you daddy, thank you, thank you, thank you.” I chimed over and over how happy I was. “You are welcome baby, I never want you to be lonely again” and he smiled. “Can we come in for a bit so we can all play with Rosco?” “Rosco? Really that is his name? That is going to have to be changed hu Buddy?” as I grabbed the leash from his hand and baby talking towards my birthday present.

Dad closed the door behind Hawley and himself as I found a chair and loved and rubbed up on Buddy’s head and behind his ears.  “Well hun, this dog is a special dog. He was raised by Dave’s sister and trained very well.” He smiled and winked at Dave. “Your birthday present will make sure you are never alone, he will always be there for you.”  “I know dad, he is a dog of course where is he going go” I replied. “You aren’t really understanding what your father is saying.”  Dave laughed and so did Hawley. “This dog will fuck your brains out over and over again.” Dave hammered on.

I instantly froze as thoughts raced through my mind ‘oh god they are going to make me fuck this dog’.  Hawley piped up and said “It is amazing you are going to love it, I am going to miss him so much!” I looked down at buddy’s soft eyes and felt a closeness to him as he licked my face. “Babe, sit back, spread your legs and enjoy” Dave encouraged me.  I did as I was told and Buddy’s tongue explored me he licked from my gaping asshole up to my swollen clit. “Oh” I exclaimed “oh wow, oh my” his tongue lapped up inside of my cunt. Without even noticing Dave had grabbed the video camera and was again video taping my sexual exploits.

I leaned back far in the chair and pulled my knees onto the arm rests giving Buddy access to all of me and he took everything he could.  His tongue drove into my ass, deep into my cunt and always with each stroke he found my clit. As everyone watched Buddy devoured me quickly sending me over the edge and lapping the juices leaking from my cunt. “Oh my GOD” I hummed “that was amazing”.  “Just wait baby he does more than just that.  Why don’t you get on all fours he he will show you.”

I did and as I was on the ground Buddy kept licking my cunt up to my ass and I saw his red member peaking through his hairy covering.  “Hawley get down there and show Jera how to get him excited, now” my father demanded.  I watched as Hawley slowly began to stroke the covering of his cock. “It is hard in there so you can kind of grab it and jack it off see” she showed me as I moved closer to the opposite side of Buddy watching her hand move up and down and his cock growing out of its covering. It was large and growing larger than either of the men’s cocks in the room.

“See he likes it” Hawley stated.  “Now that it is out a bit you can touch it, but be gentle or he won’t like it” as her hand moved around the bright red cock that was now at least 7 inches long and 3 inches in diameter.  “See the big ball at the end?” Dave asked.  “Yeah I see that, what is it?” I returned.  “That is what they call the knot.  It will go inside of you and get larger so that you can’t get away. It is called tying” he explained.

Buddy was ready to put his cock into something as he began humping the air he looked to Hawley. “Hawley stand up now let Jera take it from here” Dad said and she stood and my hand found this new large red cock and I began softly thrust as his hips pushed his cock into my hand.  I saw a large amount precum oozing from the tip. “Taste it, it is good” Hawley exclaimed.  My covered finger met my lips and I opened them up to a salty metal tasting substance.  It seemed as if I were sucking on a penny, but I didn’t mind the taste.

Buddy then became restless as he positioned himself behind me and quickly jumped onto my back with no warning. I fell again on my face, but my knees were still under me as Buddy jabbed his cock quickly towards me missing multiple times until he finally forced himself into my cunt. My face was on the ground and the force of his thrusts had pushed my head under the chair. I was now blocked and could not move even if I wanted to. Buddy feverishly slid his cock in and out of me.  I began screaming, but not because of pain, but because this beasts cock was amazing. It was not only huge, but his knot slapped against my clit as it tried to force its way into my cunt and his cock felt as if it were on fire inside of me.  Finally my cunt opened up around his knot and I felt it expand inside and seal and he began fucking me harder as cum spurt deep inside of me.  I lost it “OH MY GOD YES I AM CUMMING” I screamed at the top of my lungs as Buddy whimpered along with my song.

Finally he stopped fucking, but his cock did not come out.  It felt stuck inside of me.  I began to panic “Don’t worry babe it will come out when it becomes a bit smaller, but Buddy might turn around on you” Dave told me.  I felt better knowing that it would shrink and Buddy would let me go, but how long would that take.  He rested on top of me for about 10 minutes but then did as Dave said and turned around so that we were ass to ass.  Hawley leaned over in front of Buddy and he began licking her as Dave continued to tape my father said “Wow that is hot one getting fucked by his cock the other by his tongue. I am hard just thinking about it” and he forced his hard cock into Hawley’s mouth.

Dave continued to roll with the video, but began stroking his own rod with his free hand.  Hawley was the next to have an orgasm by Buddy’s amazing tongue, then my father down Hawleys throat and finally only after taking Hawleys mouth on his cock did Dave cum.  We were all stuck together until I heard a pop and Buddy walked into the corner and began licking himself.

“Alright, well you kids have a good rest of the day. I will be by in the morning to take you home Jera.” And with that Hawley and my father exited the room and headed for their own.  “By Dad I love you and I love how you give me just what I need.” I said as they left. I stood and weakly found a comfortable position on the couch.  Dave backed up the recorder and played our bestiality love show over again.   “Touch yourself while you watch” he demanded.  My hands found my clit and I spread the lips of my cunt apart so I could access it easier.

As I was fingering myself Dave said “We should try to have the dog fuck you at the same time as me.” “How would we do that?” I asked he smiled and turned towards the cabinet with DVD’s in it and he returned, turned on the DVD player and put in the disc.  “Keep fucking yourself” as my fingers found my dog cum soaked hole. He found the part of the disc he wanted and turned up the volume.  There it was.  How to fuck a dog and a man at the same time.

The video turned me on.  This young woman was hot and she took her human companions cock in her ass and invited her canine companion to fuck her cunt.  The dog on the television whimpered and Buddy came to investigate.  He found my open cunt with his tongue again began licking around my finger.  “Keep finger fucking yourself just let him lick.  Do not cum yet.” Dave demanded.  I did keep fucking myself and covered my clit with my palm so Buddy couldn’t find it. His tongue snaked inside of my cunt next to my fingers.  “Stroke my cock for a while” my free hand found Dave’s hard cock and I stroked as Buddy’s tongue explored inside of me.

“Ok” Dave said “lets do this” and he leaned back on the couch. I knew what he wanted.  So just like on the television I slipped his cock into my ass and then uncovered my cunt as Buddy continued to lick I asked “While his is licking can we fuck a bit harder?”  “Sure but not too long I want to cum in you when he does”  Buddy’s tongue licked Dave’s balls and up to my clit.  But it wasn’t long before his cock was out of its seath and ready to fuck me.  I saw this and called “come one Buddy up here.” He did and began humping his hard cock towards me.  I helped him find my cunt and he again went to town.

He fucked in and out so hard until his knot was lodged inside of me.  “Oh my god” Dave said as he felt the pressure of Buddy’s cock against his own.  Buddy again fucked me hard and as he did I climaxed and clamped down on both of them.  Buddy then began to spurt again and I moaned “he is cumming can you feel it?” “OH AGGGAAGG YES!” is all I heard from Dave as both of them planted there seeds into my cavities I came again.

Over and over throughout the night I was fucked by one or both of them.  Often times I had one cock in my mouth and the other in one of my holes.   The feeling of being so full with Buddy’s huge cock was amazing.  Dave enjoyed his tongue as much as I did.

That night Buddy Joined us in the bed, but Dave assured that in the morning he would push yet another one of my limits.

Events of the past 24
March 31, 2010, 8:26 pm
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Last night the current boyfriend rented a horribly gory movie called Ninja Assault. I am not big into the chopping off of legs and heads in half type of stuff so I left him to himself in the living room and I popped in Sweet Home Alabama in the bed room.  I thought he was intent on watching his movie so I pulled out the silver bullet just for a bit of one on one fun with myself and only minutes later he came walking in (dang the luck I thought) to use the bathroom.  I hate having a master bath attached in times like these.  I just wanted to get myself off really quick and close my eyes for the night.

As soon as the door opened I flipped the switch on the vibe. He doesn’t like it when I masturbate when I could just fuck him and get off, but he doesn’t understand how sometimes I don’t want to deal with him and just do it myself.  So he uses the restroom and then lays on the bed next to me and in the process slightly turned the vibe on then off (it has slider buttons on the sides of it).  I am not sure if he knew what I was doing or just thought my stomach made a weird noise or something.  Any how nothing was said and we both went back to our movies, but I didn’t go back to pleasing myself because I didn’t want to fight with him over me getting off on my own again. I fell asleep and he came in after his movie. I was horny still, but it was 3 in the morning and I work early so I didn’t want to put the time and effort into having sex at the time.

We woke up the next morning everything was the same as usual. But this morning we weren’t going to carpool to work so I told him to get ready first and that I wanted a bit more sleep. He did, but he didn’t want to leave the house.  Finally, after he was going to be a half an hour late and I was going to be just as late even though I start work a half hour after him he left. The second I heard his car hit the door I felt the massive urge to finish what I had started.

I pulled out my trusty rabbit and my good’ol anal plug and went to town on the edge of the tub.  I ground my ass against my small but useful plug and drove my rabbit on full blast hard into my cunt.  It took just a matter of moments before juices were leaking all over my legs and onto the floor mat.  I was imagining being slut and taking three men at a time on. I love the feeling of being so full, but I decided I needed to purchase a larger anal plug or possibly a double penetration vibrator with the clitoral stimulus as well.

Does anyone know of a good dp vibe?

Daddy’s Day (day 3)

When I woke in the morning was was still curled on Dave’s chest and his hand stroked my hair. “Good morning darling” he smiled “how did you sleep?” I looked at him and smiled back “I slept fine, and you?” he replied “yes I did as well.  Are you hungry? I figured we could both go and get breakfast at the cafeteria here.”  Pondering the hunger inside me, food in my stomach sounded amazing.  “Sure” I said and he leaned in to kiss me.  “It is only 7:30 now and they don’t serve food until 8:30.” I kissed him back and I knew that he wanted sex, but being his captive I had no choice but to oblige his wants.

He pressed me onto my back and laid most of his weight on top of me.  Kissing me deeply he ran his fingers over the sides of my body and up into my hair where they rested.  His touch and his tongue teased my lips and danced with my own. Dave was amazingly handsome and his caress sent shivers through me and ended at my slit. After just moments of his touch and tenderness I was leaking juices onto the sheets.  I could feel his prick hardening against me and I yearned for him to slip it in, but he did not. Instead his tongue raced down my neck , to my purple clamped nipples he teased each softly and then he tickled down across my navel and found my clit.

His tongue twisted around inside of my folds and the wetness. Dave slid his body down and forced his arms under my legs and pushed them so they were bent at the knee. He then reached around each leg with his fingers and spread my labia against the inside of my legs. His tongue became rougher and he licked from inside of my cunt up to my clit in one full motion. He did this over and over as he spread me apart for him. Then he began just sucking directly on my clit and peered up at me as I watched him please me.

I felt a rush of excitement as he looked into my eyes “Oh god that feels good I am going to cum. Please make me cum” He winked at me and then let go of my labia with his right hand and slowly slid his first two fingers into me and then his smallest finger found my anus. As he sucked he used his fingers inside of each hole pleasuring them both.  “Oh GOD I am cumming!” My cavities clenched down on his fingers as he sucked just a bit harder on my clit. His left hand reached for the clamp on my right nipple and removed it. As the blood rushed back into it the pain mixed with pleasure sent me over the edge and into another orgasm and towards the end of it he removed the other clamp.  Again the blood rushed in and the pain mixed with the pleasure sent me over the edge. As I was cumming he quickly pulled his fingers from me and quickly forced his cock into my clenched cunt.

He dove in and out of me. “You like that do you?” Dave asked “I mean when the clamps came off you liked how it felt?”  I cooed trying to focus on his words as he pumped deep into me.  “Yes, yes, um yeah that felt good” I finally replied.  “Good, now it is my turn to feel that good. Doggie style please.”  He raise from me and I turned onto my knees.  “Ok, darling now I want you to curl your neck and put your head down and I am going to lift you onto the base of your neck and fuck down onto you.  He did this and I was looking straight up as his cock entered into me.

He got the rhythm of this down and slowly began to increase his speed.  “Ok, darling now I want you to play with my nuts and my cock as I fuck you. Both hands please.”  I did as I was told and reached up and one hand began molesting his testicles as the other squeezed the base of his shaft as it entered into me.  His force and speed increased and I felt his testicles tighten and I knew he was about to cum inside of me.

He collapsed next to me on the bed, “ok you ready for breakfast, it is about time.”  “Yes, I am starving” I replied. He stood naked, dick limp and started for the door.  “Come on darling” he said as he looked back at me. I was mortified we were going out there naked? “No clothes?” I said.  “Nope they aren’t allowed here, lets just go”.  I stood and followed closely behind him petrified to face my father.”I don’t want to see him,” I said. “Don’t worry Darling you might as well see him now you have to go home with him tomorrow anyhow.”

I didn’t want to think about having to ride in a car with him.  My father the man who sold me for sex then purchased a young woman to have sex with himself.  I just turned 18 how could he do this to me?

We finally entered the cafeteria and with one quick glance I saw him across the room and Dave lead me straight to him. “Sit” he said as he pointed at the seat across from my father. I did not make eye contact, but tears streamed from my face.  Dave began conversing with him “morning Jeb, how you doing?” and I thought to myself Jeb that is a name I will soon forget forever. “I am good Dave, and you?”  Dave smirked and let out a sigh “I am doing very well in fact.” Through laughter Jeb replied “I am sure you are, with that little twat over there” as he pointed at me the tears continued to gush, but I did glance at him for a moment and made contact with his eyes.

I then shifted my attention from my father and placed it on his purchase. Hawley looked ragged her long silky black hair was matted in all directions, her make-up had smeared all over her face, and most importantly she looked beaten.  Her nipples and breasts were red, swollen and looked as if they had pin pricks all around them.  Hawley’s neck was one purplish bruise from ear to ear as if someone had chocked her. She had small slices in her skin that looked fresh as if they had just been cut. She had no emotion in her face and did not look at me.  As bad as I had it, I guess I could have had it much worse.

I focused back on the conversation just in time to hear my father say “would you two like to join us for a bit after we eat?”  Dave (in my horror) replied “yes I would love to see that and have some ideas, how about you?”  Without even thinking I said “No, I won’t” Dave raised his hand to slap me, but my father stopped him and instead stood grabbed a handful of my hair and began pulling me out of the cafeteria “come slut” and Hawley followed next to him. I was screaming in pain, Dave just followed me.

Once in my fathers room I noticed it was exactly the same.  He pulled me onto the bed, pinned my arms under his knees and forced his cock into my mouth.  “You will never tell me no again! Do you understand me?  Now you are a fucking slut and this is what SLUTS like you do!” Dave took my hands and secured them to the sides of the beds as my father cock choked down my throat.  He then pushed a large foam block under my hips and then secured my ankles close to my hands.  I was open for business. My father was the first to examine the goods. He stood pulling his cock from my mouth “Thank you for your help Dave” and I glared at him through the tears.  I noticed that he had pulled a chair close to the side of the bed for better viewing and he had motioned Hawley to sit on his lap where he began to caress her back and smooth her hair. She finally looked at me (like really looked at me).

Hawley looked scared, but she smiled towards me and mouthed the words “it’s ok, do what he wants.” I looked back to my father standing on the bed looking at my open cunt and ass with his cock hard and pointed to the ceiling.  After he admired for some time he finally knelt and his tongue followed the fold of my cunt to my clit where he bit down hard and in the same motion jammed four fingers into me.  He pounded them in and out hard and fast as his teeth bore down. I screamed in pain and begged him to stop “please daddy don’t that hurts” but with these words he only went faster and harder as if he had longed to hear them for so long.  Still biting on my clit he pulled his fingers from my cunt and forced them into my open ass. Again he bit down on my clit and fucked my ass hard and fast.

He was not gentle, or caring, he was not like Dave at all.  My father enjoyed my pain.  He pulled his fingers from my ass and let go of my clit. He forced all four fingers into my mouth and down my throat as he opened my jaw as far as he could. He forced his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast, but my cunt was dry and it became painful for both of us. “Hawley get the fucking lube” as he still pulled from me and forced back in. She stood quickly and left, but returned with a bottle of lube. “When I pull out you rub some on while i push back in.”  She did each time he pulled from me she lathered more lube on his hard cock just as he was pounding it back into me. “Her ass too” he demanded and she squeezed a large amount onto the tips of her fingers and she pushed them into my ass.

Soon my daddy pulled from my cunt and then dove directly into my ass.  He fucked me all the time saying “Oh you little girl, you have no idea how long I have wanted to fuck you like this.”  He pulled his hands from my mouth and with both hands began choking me hard I couldn’t breath and after a moment I went black, but he woke me with a slap across the face. “I am going to cum in your cunt” he said and pulled from my ass and dove back into my cunt. It didn’t take much time for him to begin spewing his spunk into me. He pulled and tugged on my tits as his face skewed this way and that way in pleasure.

He slowly pulled from me. “Ok Hawley clean her up now” and she knelt between my legs.  I have never had a woman touch me in any sexual way before, but her tongue easily found my labia and sunk directly into my pussy she began sucking with all of her might pulling drops of his cum out of me. Once she had felt she had gotten everything inside of me out she began licking around my pussy and did end on my clit she slowly licked it clean and the thought and site of this made my stomach tingle in delight. She smiled as she licked me. I smiled back at her. “Let them enjoy it for a bit why don’t ya? I am enjoying watching them.” His cock was bulging and he leaned in to watch as Hawley’s tongue swirled around my clit and lips.

I felt a connection with her she was on my side. Dave then said “Jera, tell Hawley how you like it and when she does something you like”  I smiled at him “ok, please Hawley suck on my clit” she did “yes oh my god yes just like that, ooooohhh please don’t stop” I gasped for air she was bringing me to the edge “keep going, now please put your fingers into me” and she slid two in “now slowly pull them in and out,” my breathing got ragged and heavy “oh God yes just like that..Oh fuck me … you are making me cum… oh God oh fuck yeah.” I opened my eyes coming down from that explosion and saw that Dave had moved behind Hawley and he was now slowly fucking her and watching as she pleasured me. My father, feeling left out pulled my head side ways and began thrusting his cock into my mouth, but I didn’t care right now and began teasing his head with my tongue as Hawley teased my clit.

We all came again, my fathers cum slid down my throat as he smiled at me “you like daddy’s cock don’t you?” I nodded in agreement swallowing the rest of his juice. Dave found his chair as Hawley slowly pulled her face from my twat.

“Ok girls now it is just your turn” and Jeb turned toward Hawley “lets see how far we can stretch my little girl.”  Still tied with my feet in my hand and open to all daddy said “I want you to put your entire hand in her” and handed her some more lube. Dave grabbed a video camera that was setting on the table and clicked the tv on so I could watch too. Hawley lathered her hand in lube and slowly inserted her four fingers inside of me. “Ok, now your thumb,” she slid her thumb under her fingers and slowly pushed it through the opening of my cunt.  I looked towards the television and saw her hand close up and all of her fingers had disappeared inside.

“Now push hard,” my father said and I heard Dave quietly say “relax darling, just breath and relax.”  I did as he said and the pressure from her hand inside of me was almost too much I began whimpering in pain, but Hawley did as she was told and began pushing her knuckles in and with force. I felt a slight pop and then I felt her completely inside. My womb felt so full and again I looked to the t.v. and saw that her entire hand  was inside and her wrist was at the entrance of my cunt. “Wiggle your fingers and move them around now feel all of her insides”. She giggled a bit and looked to be enjoying this, maybe because it was me taking the abuse or maybe because she was the one giving it. “Make a fist now, and act like you are fucking her with your hand.”

With a smile on her face she pushed her hand into me and then pulled it out as far as she could. “Harder” and she followed his direction.  It felt as if she were punching through me. “Ok now her ass” she opened her fist, tickled my slippery walls again and then removed her hand with another pop her fingers were out of me. She lubed again and repeated the process in my ass and I watched all of it on the television.

“Now I want a hand in each” and with ease she slipped her other hand into my cunt while her first hand was in my ass. “Hard” is all he said and she began fisting me fast and hard.

“I want my baby girl to cum again so you can feel it, suck on her clit” Hawley did and while she was fucking me hard I came and was relieved when he said “that’s enough” and untied me.

I laid flat for a moment recovered as my orifices shrunk back a bit.  “Ok Darling, it’s your turn now” Dave said and I stood as my father tide down Hawley with tears in her eyes. “I just want you lick and suck her clean for a bit first” I did as Dave said and sucked his cum from her womb. I liked the taste of her and got into fucking her with my tongue and licking up her folds.  I found her clit and slowly circled it, but went in for the kill and began feverishly sucking on it as my index finger found her opening and my middle finger found her ass. Slowly I pressed both of them in and out of her.

“Oh my God” Hawley said as I sucked down on her and quietly I felt her contract around me and juiced began flowing out of her. “Ok,  now Jera I want your hand in side of her” said my father in an excited voice. First I started with four fingers and did the same as she did slipping my thumb under them then I began to press hard.

I felt a slight pop and Hawley began screaming out in pain I began to pull out “no harder, baby” my dad said. I didn’t move “harder you little fucking cunt or I will hurt you” I still didn’t move and he pulled a whip from the chair next to him and whipped me across my back it hurt and I cried out as Hawley was, but then forced my hand the rest of the way in.  I breathed for a   moment not moving and the pain subsided from my back.  Then I began to explore her insides it felt unnatural slimy and warm, but it also felt strangely good.

I wiggled my fingers inside of her and her cries stopped and as they did I formed a fist and began pushing into her cervix as she had done to me. “Ok now her ass” and I pulled from her and repeated the process on her ass. Then both at the same time then I sucked on her clit until she came on both of my hands.  Feeling her clench down on me was amazing I was beginning to drip my own juices on the sheets. Both men recognized my pleasure in this and daddy told me to pull out and that we could just have at each other for a bit.

He let her loose and we did.  I think we both enjoyed kissing and playing with each others nipples and tits. Then she pinned me down and sat her cunt on my face I opened her lips and found her gaping hole and began sucking and lick like there was no tomorrow.  I wanted to feel her come on my tongue. I stuck it inside of her as far as I could and then began squeezing her clit with my fingers. She did cum and her juices dripped down the side of my face.  Then she turned around and we were eating each other out in the sixty nine position for some time.

The men couldn’t stand it any longer and I saw Dave slowly press his fingers into Hawley’s ass right above me she moved and stopped eating me, but my dad forced her face back down to my clit as he forced his entire hand that was much larger than Hawley’s inside of me.  He pushed her head down and I came from the pressure of both. “You are a good fucking slut, you like it don’t you?” “Yes daddy I love it” and he pulled his hand from me and pushed Hawley to the side with Dave’s hand in her ass he moved her off of me and right next to me.

Daddy wanted to fuck me right. “Oh, please daddy make me cum again.” “Oh baby I am going to”.  His rod forced into my loose cunt but so did his fingers and his thumb pressed onto my clit. “How about that my little slut” this felt amazing and I was building towards another orgasm with him “Oh GOD Daddy yes fuck me, please fuck me!” He did I came all over him. Dave said “let’s DP them for a bit” and pulled his hand from Hawley’s ass.

He laid back “Jera, get on with your ass towards my face” I slid down on top of him and he pulled me so my back was on his chest and daddy pushed his cock in right next to Dave.  He went wild with this new tighter feeling “Hawley play with her tits and clit” Dave demanded and she did. Her touch was soft next to his hard shaft plowing into me. He quickly came and ordered Hawley to suck him hard again because it was her turn.  She did and he grabbed on to the back of her head and forced himself into her mouth.

I just sat up Dave’s cock buried deep inside of me and watched. Then it was her turn and daddy was to be on the bottom while Dave fucked her hard. I played with her tits and her clit and kissed her neck and lips while they took her. He came just as quick as my father had in me.  We were all spent and Dave suggested that we return to our room.  Daddy agreed, but wanted to hear me say that I liked the way he fucked me.  I did like how he fucked me it was rough, but fun “Daddy I LOVE how you fuck me” I replied as we walked out the room and to our own.

Dave asked as we laid in our bed for a nap “did you enjoy being with another girl darling?” “Yes that was awesome.” He smiled held me tight and I felt his cock harden again. “Let’s spoon so I have a place to put this while we nap” he rolled me over and slid his cock into my cunt and we slept that way for some time.