My Cunt Used

Daddy’s Day (day 3)

When I woke in the morning was was still curled on Dave’s chest and his hand stroked my hair. “Good morning darling” he smiled “how did you sleep?” I looked at him and smiled back “I slept fine, and you?” he replied “yes I did as well.  Are you hungry? I figured we could both go and get breakfast at the cafeteria here.”  Pondering the hunger inside me, food in my stomach sounded amazing.  “Sure” I said and he leaned in to kiss me.  “It is only 7:30 now and they don’t serve food until 8:30.” I kissed him back and I knew that he wanted sex, but being his captive I had no choice but to oblige his wants.

He pressed me onto my back and laid most of his weight on top of me.  Kissing me deeply he ran his fingers over the sides of my body and up into my hair where they rested.  His touch and his tongue teased my lips and danced with my own. Dave was amazingly handsome and his caress sent shivers through me and ended at my slit. After just moments of his touch and tenderness I was leaking juices onto the sheets.  I could feel his prick hardening against me and I yearned for him to slip it in, but he did not. Instead his tongue raced down my neck , to my purple clamped nipples he teased each softly and then he tickled down across my navel and found my clit.

His tongue twisted around inside of my folds and the wetness. Dave slid his body down and forced his arms under my legs and pushed them so they were bent at the knee. He then reached around each leg with his fingers and spread my labia against the inside of my legs. His tongue became rougher and he licked from inside of my cunt up to my clit in one full motion. He did this over and over as he spread me apart for him. Then he began just sucking directly on my clit and peered up at me as I watched him please me.

I felt a rush of excitement as he looked into my eyes “Oh god that feels good I am going to cum. Please make me cum” He winked at me and then let go of my labia with his right hand and slowly slid his first two fingers into me and then his smallest finger found my anus. As he sucked he used his fingers inside of each hole pleasuring them both.  “Oh GOD I am cumming!” My cavities clenched down on his fingers as he sucked just a bit harder on my clit. His left hand reached for the clamp on my right nipple and removed it. As the blood rushed back into it the pain mixed with pleasure sent me over the edge and into another orgasm and towards the end of it he removed the other clamp.  Again the blood rushed in and the pain mixed with the pleasure sent me over the edge. As I was cumming he quickly pulled his fingers from me and quickly forced his cock into my clenched cunt.

He dove in and out of me. “You like that do you?” Dave asked “I mean when the clamps came off you liked how it felt?”  I cooed trying to focus on his words as he pumped deep into me.  “Yes, yes, um yeah that felt good” I finally replied.  “Good, now it is my turn to feel that good. Doggie style please.”  He raise from me and I turned onto my knees.  “Ok, darling now I want you to curl your neck and put your head down and I am going to lift you onto the base of your neck and fuck down onto you.  He did this and I was looking straight up as his cock entered into me.

He got the rhythm of this down and slowly began to increase his speed.  “Ok, darling now I want you to play with my nuts and my cock as I fuck you. Both hands please.”  I did as I was told and reached up and one hand began molesting his testicles as the other squeezed the base of his shaft as it entered into me.  His force and speed increased and I felt his testicles tighten and I knew he was about to cum inside of me.

He collapsed next to me on the bed, “ok you ready for breakfast, it is about time.”  “Yes, I am starving” I replied. He stood naked, dick limp and started for the door.  “Come on darling” he said as he looked back at me. I was mortified we were going out there naked? “No clothes?” I said.  “Nope they aren’t allowed here, lets just go”.  I stood and followed closely behind him petrified to face my father.”I don’t want to see him,” I said. “Don’t worry Darling you might as well see him now you have to go home with him tomorrow anyhow.”

I didn’t want to think about having to ride in a car with him.  My father the man who sold me for sex then purchased a young woman to have sex with himself.  I just turned 18 how could he do this to me?

We finally entered the cafeteria and with one quick glance I saw him across the room and Dave lead me straight to him. “Sit” he said as he pointed at the seat across from my father. I did not make eye contact, but tears streamed from my face.  Dave began conversing with him “morning Jeb, how you doing?” and I thought to myself Jeb that is a name I will soon forget forever. “I am good Dave, and you?”  Dave smirked and let out a sigh “I am doing very well in fact.” Through laughter Jeb replied “I am sure you are, with that little twat over there” as he pointed at me the tears continued to gush, but I did glance at him for a moment and made contact with his eyes.

I then shifted my attention from my father and placed it on his purchase. Hawley looked ragged her long silky black hair was matted in all directions, her make-up had smeared all over her face, and most importantly she looked beaten.  Her nipples and breasts were red, swollen and looked as if they had pin pricks all around them.  Hawley’s neck was one purplish bruise from ear to ear as if someone had chocked her. She had small slices in her skin that looked fresh as if they had just been cut. She had no emotion in her face and did not look at me.  As bad as I had it, I guess I could have had it much worse.

I focused back on the conversation just in time to hear my father say “would you two like to join us for a bit after we eat?”  Dave (in my horror) replied “yes I would love to see that and have some ideas, how about you?”  Without even thinking I said “No, I won’t” Dave raised his hand to slap me, but my father stopped him and instead stood grabbed a handful of my hair and began pulling me out of the cafeteria “come slut” and Hawley followed next to him. I was screaming in pain, Dave just followed me.

Once in my fathers room I noticed it was exactly the same.  He pulled me onto the bed, pinned my arms under his knees and forced his cock into my mouth.  “You will never tell me no again! Do you understand me?  Now you are a fucking slut and this is what SLUTS like you do!” Dave took my hands and secured them to the sides of the beds as my father cock choked down my throat.  He then pushed a large foam block under my hips and then secured my ankles close to my hands.  I was open for business. My father was the first to examine the goods. He stood pulling his cock from my mouth “Thank you for your help Dave” and I glared at him through the tears.  I noticed that he had pulled a chair close to the side of the bed for better viewing and he had motioned Hawley to sit on his lap where he began to caress her back and smooth her hair. She finally looked at me (like really looked at me).

Hawley looked scared, but she smiled towards me and mouthed the words “it’s ok, do what he wants.” I looked back to my father standing on the bed looking at my open cunt and ass with his cock hard and pointed to the ceiling.  After he admired for some time he finally knelt and his tongue followed the fold of my cunt to my clit where he bit down hard and in the same motion jammed four fingers into me.  He pounded them in and out hard and fast as his teeth bore down. I screamed in pain and begged him to stop “please daddy don’t that hurts” but with these words he only went faster and harder as if he had longed to hear them for so long.  Still biting on my clit he pulled his fingers from my cunt and forced them into my open ass. Again he bit down on my clit and fucked my ass hard and fast.

He was not gentle, or caring, he was not like Dave at all.  My father enjoyed my pain.  He pulled his fingers from my ass and let go of my clit. He forced all four fingers into my mouth and down my throat as he opened my jaw as far as he could. He forced his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast, but my cunt was dry and it became painful for both of us. “Hawley get the fucking lube” as he still pulled from me and forced back in. She stood quickly and left, but returned with a bottle of lube. “When I pull out you rub some on while i push back in.”  She did each time he pulled from me she lathered more lube on his hard cock just as he was pounding it back into me. “Her ass too” he demanded and she squeezed a large amount onto the tips of her fingers and she pushed them into my ass.

Soon my daddy pulled from my cunt and then dove directly into my ass.  He fucked me all the time saying “Oh you little girl, you have no idea how long I have wanted to fuck you like this.”  He pulled his hands from my mouth and with both hands began choking me hard I couldn’t breath and after a moment I went black, but he woke me with a slap across the face. “I am going to cum in your cunt” he said and pulled from my ass and dove back into my cunt. It didn’t take much time for him to begin spewing his spunk into me. He pulled and tugged on my tits as his face skewed this way and that way in pleasure.

He slowly pulled from me. “Ok Hawley clean her up now” and she knelt between my legs.  I have never had a woman touch me in any sexual way before, but her tongue easily found my labia and sunk directly into my pussy she began sucking with all of her might pulling drops of his cum out of me. Once she had felt she had gotten everything inside of me out she began licking around my pussy and did end on my clit she slowly licked it clean and the thought and site of this made my stomach tingle in delight. She smiled as she licked me. I smiled back at her. “Let them enjoy it for a bit why don’t ya? I am enjoying watching them.” His cock was bulging and he leaned in to watch as Hawley’s tongue swirled around my clit and lips.

I felt a connection with her she was on my side. Dave then said “Jera, tell Hawley how you like it and when she does something you like”  I smiled at him “ok, please Hawley suck on my clit” she did “yes oh my god yes just like that, ooooohhh please don’t stop” I gasped for air she was bringing me to the edge “keep going, now please put your fingers into me” and she slid two in “now slowly pull them in and out,” my breathing got ragged and heavy “oh God yes just like that..Oh fuck me … you are making me cum… oh God oh fuck yeah.” I opened my eyes coming down from that explosion and saw that Dave had moved behind Hawley and he was now slowly fucking her and watching as she pleasured me. My father, feeling left out pulled my head side ways and began thrusting his cock into my mouth, but I didn’t care right now and began teasing his head with my tongue as Hawley teased my clit.

We all came again, my fathers cum slid down my throat as he smiled at me “you like daddy’s cock don’t you?” I nodded in agreement swallowing the rest of his juice. Dave found his chair as Hawley slowly pulled her face from my twat.

“Ok girls now it is just your turn” and Jeb turned toward Hawley “lets see how far we can stretch my little girl.”  Still tied with my feet in my hand and open to all daddy said “I want you to put your entire hand in her” and handed her some more lube. Dave grabbed a video camera that was setting on the table and clicked the tv on so I could watch too. Hawley lathered her hand in lube and slowly inserted her four fingers inside of me. “Ok, now your thumb,” she slid her thumb under her fingers and slowly pushed it through the opening of my cunt.  I looked towards the television and saw her hand close up and all of her fingers had disappeared inside.

“Now push hard,” my father said and I heard Dave quietly say “relax darling, just breath and relax.”  I did as he said and the pressure from her hand inside of me was almost too much I began whimpering in pain, but Hawley did as she was told and began pushing her knuckles in and with force. I felt a slight pop and then I felt her completely inside. My womb felt so full and again I looked to the t.v. and saw that her entire hand  was inside and her wrist was at the entrance of my cunt. “Wiggle your fingers and move them around now feel all of her insides”. She giggled a bit and looked to be enjoying this, maybe because it was me taking the abuse or maybe because she was the one giving it. “Make a fist now, and act like you are fucking her with your hand.”

With a smile on her face she pushed her hand into me and then pulled it out as far as she could. “Harder” and she followed his direction.  It felt as if she were punching through me. “Ok now her ass” she opened her fist, tickled my slippery walls again and then removed her hand with another pop her fingers were out of me. She lubed again and repeated the process in my ass and I watched all of it on the television.

“Now I want a hand in each” and with ease she slipped her other hand into my cunt while her first hand was in my ass. “Hard” is all he said and she began fisting me fast and hard.

“I want my baby girl to cum again so you can feel it, suck on her clit” Hawley did and while she was fucking me hard I came and was relieved when he said “that’s enough” and untied me.

I laid flat for a moment recovered as my orifices shrunk back a bit.  “Ok Darling, it’s your turn now” Dave said and I stood as my father tide down Hawley with tears in her eyes. “I just want you lick and suck her clean for a bit first” I did as Dave said and sucked his cum from her womb. I liked the taste of her and got into fucking her with my tongue and licking up her folds.  I found her clit and slowly circled it, but went in for the kill and began feverishly sucking on it as my index finger found her opening and my middle finger found her ass. Slowly I pressed both of them in and out of her.

“Oh my God” Hawley said as I sucked down on her and quietly I felt her contract around me and juiced began flowing out of her. “Ok,  now Jera I want your hand in side of her” said my father in an excited voice. First I started with four fingers and did the same as she did slipping my thumb under them then I began to press hard.

I felt a slight pop and Hawley began screaming out in pain I began to pull out “no harder, baby” my dad said. I didn’t move “harder you little fucking cunt or I will hurt you” I still didn’t move and he pulled a whip from the chair next to him and whipped me across my back it hurt and I cried out as Hawley was, but then forced my hand the rest of the way in.  I breathed for a   moment not moving and the pain subsided from my back.  Then I began to explore her insides it felt unnatural slimy and warm, but it also felt strangely good.

I wiggled my fingers inside of her and her cries stopped and as they did I formed a fist and began pushing into her cervix as she had done to me. “Ok now her ass” and I pulled from her and repeated the process on her ass. Then both at the same time then I sucked on her clit until she came on both of my hands.  Feeling her clench down on me was amazing I was beginning to drip my own juices on the sheets. Both men recognized my pleasure in this and daddy told me to pull out and that we could just have at each other for a bit.

He let her loose and we did.  I think we both enjoyed kissing and playing with each others nipples and tits. Then she pinned me down and sat her cunt on my face I opened her lips and found her gaping hole and began sucking and lick like there was no tomorrow.  I wanted to feel her come on my tongue. I stuck it inside of her as far as I could and then began squeezing her clit with my fingers. She did cum and her juices dripped down the side of my face.  Then she turned around and we were eating each other out in the sixty nine position for some time.

The men couldn’t stand it any longer and I saw Dave slowly press his fingers into Hawley’s ass right above me she moved and stopped eating me, but my dad forced her face back down to my clit as he forced his entire hand that was much larger than Hawley’s inside of me.  He pushed her head down and I came from the pressure of both. “You are a good fucking slut, you like it don’t you?” “Yes daddy I love it” and he pulled his hand from me and pushed Hawley to the side with Dave’s hand in her ass he moved her off of me and right next to me.

Daddy wanted to fuck me right. “Oh, please daddy make me cum again.” “Oh baby I am going to”.  His rod forced into my loose cunt but so did his fingers and his thumb pressed onto my clit. “How about that my little slut” this felt amazing and I was building towards another orgasm with him “Oh GOD Daddy yes fuck me, please fuck me!” He did I came all over him. Dave said “let’s DP them for a bit” and pulled his hand from Hawley’s ass.

He laid back “Jera, get on with your ass towards my face” I slid down on top of him and he pulled me so my back was on his chest and daddy pushed his cock in right next to Dave.  He went wild with this new tighter feeling “Hawley play with her tits and clit” Dave demanded and she did. Her touch was soft next to his hard shaft plowing into me. He quickly came and ordered Hawley to suck him hard again because it was her turn.  She did and he grabbed on to the back of her head and forced himself into her mouth.

I just sat up Dave’s cock buried deep inside of me and watched. Then it was her turn and daddy was to be on the bottom while Dave fucked her hard. I played with her tits and her clit and kissed her neck and lips while they took her. He came just as quick as my father had in me.  We were all spent and Dave suggested that we return to our room.  Daddy agreed, but wanted to hear me say that I liked the way he fucked me.  I did like how he fucked me it was rough, but fun “Daddy I LOVE how you fuck me” I replied as we walked out the room and to our own.

Dave asked as we laid in our bed for a nap “did you enjoy being with another girl darling?” “Yes that was awesome.” He smiled held me tight and I felt his cock harden again. “Let’s spoon so I have a place to put this while we nap” he rolled me over and slid his cock into my cunt and we slept that way for some time.


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