My Cunt Used

Daddy’s Day (day 4)

The afternoon of day three quickly became the early morning of day 4 as Dave and I slept until it was past 2:30 am. I awoke with his now soft cock lingering inside of my sore fuck hole. I did not move and just pondered what was happening and what has happened. This has been a surreal long weekend.   It was hard to tell the day and the time being a sex slave  with no windows or any signs of a normal life beyond these walls. After 3 full days of sex in every imaginable position fulfilling close to every sexual fantasy known to man one would think that I would be angry and hostile towards my captive and my father.  I am not though.  I am excited to start my life as a submissive to my father and my future lovers.

I felt the Dave’s breath on my neck as he started to softly kiss me and then nibble his way up to my ear.  His cock hardened inside of me. Lovingly and slowly he took me.  He rolled onto his back and pulled me onto his cock with my ass facing his head.  “I want to watch you make love to my cock” and I rocked up and down on him as he watched his member slip deep into me.  My arms and legs became very tired and my pace slowed and then stopped.  “Keep going” Dave demanded, but I felt as if I couldn’t continue it had been over 45 minutes of me bouncing on and off of his cock. I whined “I can’t go any longer, I am sorry”.  He laughed and said “ok, ok, that is fine I guess it is my turn” he quickly began forcing his hips up and down as his thumbs found my sore asshole. He slid both of them in and pulled my ass open as he pushed me off of his cock.

I fell onto his knees face first and he began to punish me for disobeying him. He slapped my bare ass numerous times until it was red and tears filled my eyes.  “You must do as I say, no matter the situation or how loving I seem to be towards you, you still must obey.” I replied “of course, yes sir” I knew I had to follow his orders, but I was so tired and felt that I couldn’t physically go any farther, but he knew that I could and I should have kept fucking him until he told me to stop. Now go clean your ass out.

I went into the shower inserted the hose turned on the water and filled my ass with warm water.  I forced it all out and then again filled, forced it out and again filled.  Until my ass was clean for him.

I returned to the bed and lovingly he forced me onto my back on the bed and he mounted me like his prey. He slowly pressed his still erect cock onto my open cunt as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Softly we made love until we both had cum on/in each other multiple times after 2 hours did we take a rest and nap until the next encounter. I again spooned into him as he pressed his erect cock into me.  We slept.

We both were woken by a knock on the door.  Dave said “That is probably your father with your gift, he told me he would bring it by today” I paused looking at him like a young giddy child waiting to open their first Christmas gift with a smile spread across my face. “Well you better go answer it.”  I made no attempt to cover my naked body as I bound for the door.  I opened it quickly and a wet nose found my stomach. It caught me off guard and I screamed as my father said “Happy Birthday BABY”. Hawley stood behind my father with her arms crossed and eyes on the floor again she looked tired and used. My father was holding a leash and on the end of the leash was a very large Black Great Dane with a large wet nose and a big bow around his neck.

I loved animals and have always wanted a dog. I knelt in front of him and threw my arms around his furry neck. “Oh thank you daddy, thank you, thank you, thank you.” I chimed over and over how happy I was. “You are welcome baby, I never want you to be lonely again” and he smiled. “Can we come in for a bit so we can all play with Rosco?” “Rosco? Really that is his name? That is going to have to be changed hu Buddy?” as I grabbed the leash from his hand and baby talking towards my birthday present.

Dad closed the door behind Hawley and himself as I found a chair and loved and rubbed up on Buddy’s head and behind his ears.  “Well hun, this dog is a special dog. He was raised by Dave’s sister and trained very well.” He smiled and winked at Dave. “Your birthday present will make sure you are never alone, he will always be there for you.”  “I know dad, he is a dog of course where is he going go” I replied. “You aren’t really understanding what your father is saying.”  Dave laughed and so did Hawley. “This dog will fuck your brains out over and over again.” Dave hammered on.

I instantly froze as thoughts raced through my mind ‘oh god they are going to make me fuck this dog’.  Hawley piped up and said “It is amazing you are going to love it, I am going to miss him so much!” I looked down at buddy’s soft eyes and felt a closeness to him as he licked my face. “Babe, sit back, spread your legs and enjoy” Dave encouraged me.  I did as I was told and Buddy’s tongue explored me he licked from my gaping asshole up to my swollen clit. “Oh” I exclaimed “oh wow, oh my” his tongue lapped up inside of my cunt. Without even noticing Dave had grabbed the video camera and was again video taping my sexual exploits.

I leaned back far in the chair and pulled my knees onto the arm rests giving Buddy access to all of me and he took everything he could.  His tongue drove into my ass, deep into my cunt and always with each stroke he found my clit. As everyone watched Buddy devoured me quickly sending me over the edge and lapping the juices leaking from my cunt. “Oh my GOD” I hummed “that was amazing”.  “Just wait baby he does more than just that.  Why don’t you get on all fours he he will show you.”

I did and as I was on the ground Buddy kept licking my cunt up to my ass and I saw his red member peaking through his hairy covering.  “Hawley get down there and show Jera how to get him excited, now” my father demanded.  I watched as Hawley slowly began to stroke the covering of his cock. “It is hard in there so you can kind of grab it and jack it off see” she showed me as I moved closer to the opposite side of Buddy watching her hand move up and down and his cock growing out of its covering. It was large and growing larger than either of the men’s cocks in the room.

“See he likes it” Hawley stated.  “Now that it is out a bit you can touch it, but be gentle or he won’t like it” as her hand moved around the bright red cock that was now at least 7 inches long and 3 inches in diameter.  “See the big ball at the end?” Dave asked.  “Yeah I see that, what is it?” I returned.  “That is what they call the knot.  It will go inside of you and get larger so that you can’t get away. It is called tying” he explained.

Buddy was ready to put his cock into something as he began humping the air he looked to Hawley. “Hawley stand up now let Jera take it from here” Dad said and she stood and my hand found this new large red cock and I began softly thrust as his hips pushed his cock into my hand.  I saw a large amount precum oozing from the tip. “Taste it, it is good” Hawley exclaimed.  My covered finger met my lips and I opened them up to a salty metal tasting substance.  It seemed as if I were sucking on a penny, but I didn’t mind the taste.

Buddy then became restless as he positioned himself behind me and quickly jumped onto my back with no warning. I fell again on my face, but my knees were still under me as Buddy jabbed his cock quickly towards me missing multiple times until he finally forced himself into my cunt. My face was on the ground and the force of his thrusts had pushed my head under the chair. I was now blocked and could not move even if I wanted to. Buddy feverishly slid his cock in and out of me.  I began screaming, but not because of pain, but because this beasts cock was amazing. It was not only huge, but his knot slapped against my clit as it tried to force its way into my cunt and his cock felt as if it were on fire inside of me.  Finally my cunt opened up around his knot and I felt it expand inside and seal and he began fucking me harder as cum spurt deep inside of me.  I lost it “OH MY GOD YES I AM CUMMING” I screamed at the top of my lungs as Buddy whimpered along with my song.

Finally he stopped fucking, but his cock did not come out.  It felt stuck inside of me.  I began to panic “Don’t worry babe it will come out when it becomes a bit smaller, but Buddy might turn around on you” Dave told me.  I felt better knowing that it would shrink and Buddy would let me go, but how long would that take.  He rested on top of me for about 10 minutes but then did as Dave said and turned around so that we were ass to ass.  Hawley leaned over in front of Buddy and he began licking her as Dave continued to tape my father said “Wow that is hot one getting fucked by his cock the other by his tongue. I am hard just thinking about it” and he forced his hard cock into Hawley’s mouth.

Dave continued to roll with the video, but began stroking his own rod with his free hand.  Hawley was the next to have an orgasm by Buddy’s amazing tongue, then my father down Hawleys throat and finally only after taking Hawleys mouth on his cock did Dave cum.  We were all stuck together until I heard a pop and Buddy walked into the corner and began licking himself.

“Alright, well you kids have a good rest of the day. I will be by in the morning to take you home Jera.” And with that Hawley and my father exited the room and headed for their own.  “By Dad I love you and I love how you give me just what I need.” I said as they left. I stood and weakly found a comfortable position on the couch.  Dave backed up the recorder and played our bestiality love show over again.   “Touch yourself while you watch” he demanded.  My hands found my clit and I spread the lips of my cunt apart so I could access it easier.

As I was fingering myself Dave said “We should try to have the dog fuck you at the same time as me.” “How would we do that?” I asked he smiled and turned towards the cabinet with DVD’s in it and he returned, turned on the DVD player and put in the disc.  “Keep fucking yourself” as my fingers found my dog cum soaked hole. He found the part of the disc he wanted and turned up the volume.  There it was.  How to fuck a dog and a man at the same time.

The video turned me on.  This young woman was hot and she took her human companions cock in her ass and invited her canine companion to fuck her cunt.  The dog on the television whimpered and Buddy came to investigate.  He found my open cunt with his tongue again began licking around my finger.  “Keep finger fucking yourself just let him lick.  Do not cum yet.” Dave demanded.  I did keep fucking myself and covered my clit with my palm so Buddy couldn’t find it. His tongue snaked inside of my cunt next to my fingers.  “Stroke my cock for a while” my free hand found Dave’s hard cock and I stroked as Buddy’s tongue explored inside of me.

“Ok” Dave said “lets do this” and he leaned back on the couch. I knew what he wanted.  So just like on the television I slipped his cock into my ass and then uncovered my cunt as Buddy continued to lick I asked “While his is licking can we fuck a bit harder?”  “Sure but not too long I want to cum in you when he does”  Buddy’s tongue licked Dave’s balls and up to my clit.  But it wasn’t long before his cock was out of its seath and ready to fuck me.  I saw this and called “come one Buddy up here.” He did and began humping his hard cock towards me.  I helped him find my cunt and he again went to town.

He fucked in and out so hard until his knot was lodged inside of me.  “Oh my god” Dave said as he felt the pressure of Buddy’s cock against his own.  Buddy again fucked me hard and as he did I climaxed and clamped down on both of them.  Buddy then began to spurt again and I moaned “he is cumming can you feel it?” “OH AGGGAAGG YES!” is all I heard from Dave as both of them planted there seeds into my cavities I came again.

Over and over throughout the night I was fucked by one or both of them.  Often times I had one cock in my mouth and the other in one of my holes.   The feeling of being so full with Buddy’s huge cock was amazing.  Dave enjoyed his tongue as much as I did.

That night Buddy Joined us in the bed, but Dave assured that in the morning he would push yet another one of my limits.


Daddy’s Day (day 3)

When I woke in the morning was was still curled on Dave’s chest and his hand stroked my hair. “Good morning darling” he smiled “how did you sleep?” I looked at him and smiled back “I slept fine, and you?” he replied “yes I did as well.  Are you hungry? I figured we could both go and get breakfast at the cafeteria here.”  Pondering the hunger inside me, food in my stomach sounded amazing.  “Sure” I said and he leaned in to kiss me.  “It is only 7:30 now and they don’t serve food until 8:30.” I kissed him back and I knew that he wanted sex, but being his captive I had no choice but to oblige his wants.

He pressed me onto my back and laid most of his weight on top of me.  Kissing me deeply he ran his fingers over the sides of my body and up into my hair where they rested.  His touch and his tongue teased my lips and danced with my own. Dave was amazingly handsome and his caress sent shivers through me and ended at my slit. After just moments of his touch and tenderness I was leaking juices onto the sheets.  I could feel his prick hardening against me and I yearned for him to slip it in, but he did not. Instead his tongue raced down my neck , to my purple clamped nipples he teased each softly and then he tickled down across my navel and found my clit.

His tongue twisted around inside of my folds and the wetness. Dave slid his body down and forced his arms under my legs and pushed them so they were bent at the knee. He then reached around each leg with his fingers and spread my labia against the inside of my legs. His tongue became rougher and he licked from inside of my cunt up to my clit in one full motion. He did this over and over as he spread me apart for him. Then he began just sucking directly on my clit and peered up at me as I watched him please me.

I felt a rush of excitement as he looked into my eyes “Oh god that feels good I am going to cum. Please make me cum” He winked at me and then let go of my labia with his right hand and slowly slid his first two fingers into me and then his smallest finger found my anus. As he sucked he used his fingers inside of each hole pleasuring them both.  “Oh GOD I am cumming!” My cavities clenched down on his fingers as he sucked just a bit harder on my clit. His left hand reached for the clamp on my right nipple and removed it. As the blood rushed back into it the pain mixed with pleasure sent me over the edge and into another orgasm and towards the end of it he removed the other clamp.  Again the blood rushed in and the pain mixed with the pleasure sent me over the edge. As I was cumming he quickly pulled his fingers from me and quickly forced his cock into my clenched cunt.

He dove in and out of me. “You like that do you?” Dave asked “I mean when the clamps came off you liked how it felt?”  I cooed trying to focus on his words as he pumped deep into me.  “Yes, yes, um yeah that felt good” I finally replied.  “Good, now it is my turn to feel that good. Doggie style please.”  He raise from me and I turned onto my knees.  “Ok, darling now I want you to curl your neck and put your head down and I am going to lift you onto the base of your neck and fuck down onto you.  He did this and I was looking straight up as his cock entered into me.

He got the rhythm of this down and slowly began to increase his speed.  “Ok, darling now I want you to play with my nuts and my cock as I fuck you. Both hands please.”  I did as I was told and reached up and one hand began molesting his testicles as the other squeezed the base of his shaft as it entered into me.  His force and speed increased and I felt his testicles tighten and I knew he was about to cum inside of me.

He collapsed next to me on the bed, “ok you ready for breakfast, it is about time.”  “Yes, I am starving” I replied. He stood naked, dick limp and started for the door.  “Come on darling” he said as he looked back at me. I was mortified we were going out there naked? “No clothes?” I said.  “Nope they aren’t allowed here, lets just go”.  I stood and followed closely behind him petrified to face my father.”I don’t want to see him,” I said. “Don’t worry Darling you might as well see him now you have to go home with him tomorrow anyhow.”

I didn’t want to think about having to ride in a car with him.  My father the man who sold me for sex then purchased a young woman to have sex with himself.  I just turned 18 how could he do this to me?

We finally entered the cafeteria and with one quick glance I saw him across the room and Dave lead me straight to him. “Sit” he said as he pointed at the seat across from my father. I did not make eye contact, but tears streamed from my face.  Dave began conversing with him “morning Jeb, how you doing?” and I thought to myself Jeb that is a name I will soon forget forever. “I am good Dave, and you?”  Dave smirked and let out a sigh “I am doing very well in fact.” Through laughter Jeb replied “I am sure you are, with that little twat over there” as he pointed at me the tears continued to gush, but I did glance at him for a moment and made contact with his eyes.

I then shifted my attention from my father and placed it on his purchase. Hawley looked ragged her long silky black hair was matted in all directions, her make-up had smeared all over her face, and most importantly she looked beaten.  Her nipples and breasts were red, swollen and looked as if they had pin pricks all around them.  Hawley’s neck was one purplish bruise from ear to ear as if someone had chocked her. She had small slices in her skin that looked fresh as if they had just been cut. She had no emotion in her face and did not look at me.  As bad as I had it, I guess I could have had it much worse.

I focused back on the conversation just in time to hear my father say “would you two like to join us for a bit after we eat?”  Dave (in my horror) replied “yes I would love to see that and have some ideas, how about you?”  Without even thinking I said “No, I won’t” Dave raised his hand to slap me, but my father stopped him and instead stood grabbed a handful of my hair and began pulling me out of the cafeteria “come slut” and Hawley followed next to him. I was screaming in pain, Dave just followed me.

Once in my fathers room I noticed it was exactly the same.  He pulled me onto the bed, pinned my arms under his knees and forced his cock into my mouth.  “You will never tell me no again! Do you understand me?  Now you are a fucking slut and this is what SLUTS like you do!” Dave took my hands and secured them to the sides of the beds as my father cock choked down my throat.  He then pushed a large foam block under my hips and then secured my ankles close to my hands.  I was open for business. My father was the first to examine the goods. He stood pulling his cock from my mouth “Thank you for your help Dave” and I glared at him through the tears.  I noticed that he had pulled a chair close to the side of the bed for better viewing and he had motioned Hawley to sit on his lap where he began to caress her back and smooth her hair. She finally looked at me (like really looked at me).

Hawley looked scared, but she smiled towards me and mouthed the words “it’s ok, do what he wants.” I looked back to my father standing on the bed looking at my open cunt and ass with his cock hard and pointed to the ceiling.  After he admired for some time he finally knelt and his tongue followed the fold of my cunt to my clit where he bit down hard and in the same motion jammed four fingers into me.  He pounded them in and out hard and fast as his teeth bore down. I screamed in pain and begged him to stop “please daddy don’t that hurts” but with these words he only went faster and harder as if he had longed to hear them for so long.  Still biting on my clit he pulled his fingers from my cunt and forced them into my open ass. Again he bit down on my clit and fucked my ass hard and fast.

He was not gentle, or caring, he was not like Dave at all.  My father enjoyed my pain.  He pulled his fingers from my ass and let go of my clit. He forced all four fingers into my mouth and down my throat as he opened my jaw as far as he could. He forced his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast, but my cunt was dry and it became painful for both of us. “Hawley get the fucking lube” as he still pulled from me and forced back in. She stood quickly and left, but returned with a bottle of lube. “When I pull out you rub some on while i push back in.”  She did each time he pulled from me she lathered more lube on his hard cock just as he was pounding it back into me. “Her ass too” he demanded and she squeezed a large amount onto the tips of her fingers and she pushed them into my ass.

Soon my daddy pulled from my cunt and then dove directly into my ass.  He fucked me all the time saying “Oh you little girl, you have no idea how long I have wanted to fuck you like this.”  He pulled his hands from my mouth and with both hands began choking me hard I couldn’t breath and after a moment I went black, but he woke me with a slap across the face. “I am going to cum in your cunt” he said and pulled from my ass and dove back into my cunt. It didn’t take much time for him to begin spewing his spunk into me. He pulled and tugged on my tits as his face skewed this way and that way in pleasure.

He slowly pulled from me. “Ok Hawley clean her up now” and she knelt between my legs.  I have never had a woman touch me in any sexual way before, but her tongue easily found my labia and sunk directly into my pussy she began sucking with all of her might pulling drops of his cum out of me. Once she had felt she had gotten everything inside of me out she began licking around my pussy and did end on my clit she slowly licked it clean and the thought and site of this made my stomach tingle in delight. She smiled as she licked me. I smiled back at her. “Let them enjoy it for a bit why don’t ya? I am enjoying watching them.” His cock was bulging and he leaned in to watch as Hawley’s tongue swirled around my clit and lips.

I felt a connection with her she was on my side. Dave then said “Jera, tell Hawley how you like it and when she does something you like”  I smiled at him “ok, please Hawley suck on my clit” she did “yes oh my god yes just like that, ooooohhh please don’t stop” I gasped for air she was bringing me to the edge “keep going, now please put your fingers into me” and she slid two in “now slowly pull them in and out,” my breathing got ragged and heavy “oh God yes just like that..Oh fuck me … you are making me cum… oh God oh fuck yeah.” I opened my eyes coming down from that explosion and saw that Dave had moved behind Hawley and he was now slowly fucking her and watching as she pleasured me. My father, feeling left out pulled my head side ways and began thrusting his cock into my mouth, but I didn’t care right now and began teasing his head with my tongue as Hawley teased my clit.

We all came again, my fathers cum slid down my throat as he smiled at me “you like daddy’s cock don’t you?” I nodded in agreement swallowing the rest of his juice. Dave found his chair as Hawley slowly pulled her face from my twat.

“Ok girls now it is just your turn” and Jeb turned toward Hawley “lets see how far we can stretch my little girl.”  Still tied with my feet in my hand and open to all daddy said “I want you to put your entire hand in her” and handed her some more lube. Dave grabbed a video camera that was setting on the table and clicked the tv on so I could watch too. Hawley lathered her hand in lube and slowly inserted her four fingers inside of me. “Ok, now your thumb,” she slid her thumb under her fingers and slowly pushed it through the opening of my cunt.  I looked towards the television and saw her hand close up and all of her fingers had disappeared inside.

“Now push hard,” my father said and I heard Dave quietly say “relax darling, just breath and relax.”  I did as he said and the pressure from her hand inside of me was almost too much I began whimpering in pain, but Hawley did as she was told and began pushing her knuckles in and with force. I felt a slight pop and then I felt her completely inside. My womb felt so full and again I looked to the t.v. and saw that her entire hand  was inside and her wrist was at the entrance of my cunt. “Wiggle your fingers and move them around now feel all of her insides”. She giggled a bit and looked to be enjoying this, maybe because it was me taking the abuse or maybe because she was the one giving it. “Make a fist now, and act like you are fucking her with your hand.”

With a smile on her face she pushed her hand into me and then pulled it out as far as she could. “Harder” and she followed his direction.  It felt as if she were punching through me. “Ok now her ass” she opened her fist, tickled my slippery walls again and then removed her hand with another pop her fingers were out of me. She lubed again and repeated the process in my ass and I watched all of it on the television.

“Now I want a hand in each” and with ease she slipped her other hand into my cunt while her first hand was in my ass. “Hard” is all he said and she began fisting me fast and hard.

“I want my baby girl to cum again so you can feel it, suck on her clit” Hawley did and while she was fucking me hard I came and was relieved when he said “that’s enough” and untied me.

I laid flat for a moment recovered as my orifices shrunk back a bit.  “Ok Darling, it’s your turn now” Dave said and I stood as my father tide down Hawley with tears in her eyes. “I just want you lick and suck her clean for a bit first” I did as Dave said and sucked his cum from her womb. I liked the taste of her and got into fucking her with my tongue and licking up her folds.  I found her clit and slowly circled it, but went in for the kill and began feverishly sucking on it as my index finger found her opening and my middle finger found her ass. Slowly I pressed both of them in and out of her.

“Oh my God” Hawley said as I sucked down on her and quietly I felt her contract around me and juiced began flowing out of her. “Ok,  now Jera I want your hand in side of her” said my father in an excited voice. First I started with four fingers and did the same as she did slipping my thumb under them then I began to press hard.

I felt a slight pop and Hawley began screaming out in pain I began to pull out “no harder, baby” my dad said. I didn’t move “harder you little fucking cunt or I will hurt you” I still didn’t move and he pulled a whip from the chair next to him and whipped me across my back it hurt and I cried out as Hawley was, but then forced my hand the rest of the way in.  I breathed for a   moment not moving and the pain subsided from my back.  Then I began to explore her insides it felt unnatural slimy and warm, but it also felt strangely good.

I wiggled my fingers inside of her and her cries stopped and as they did I formed a fist and began pushing into her cervix as she had done to me. “Ok now her ass” and I pulled from her and repeated the process on her ass. Then both at the same time then I sucked on her clit until she came on both of my hands.  Feeling her clench down on me was amazing I was beginning to drip my own juices on the sheets. Both men recognized my pleasure in this and daddy told me to pull out and that we could just have at each other for a bit.

He let her loose and we did.  I think we both enjoyed kissing and playing with each others nipples and tits. Then she pinned me down and sat her cunt on my face I opened her lips and found her gaping hole and began sucking and lick like there was no tomorrow.  I wanted to feel her come on my tongue. I stuck it inside of her as far as I could and then began squeezing her clit with my fingers. She did cum and her juices dripped down the side of my face.  Then she turned around and we were eating each other out in the sixty nine position for some time.

The men couldn’t stand it any longer and I saw Dave slowly press his fingers into Hawley’s ass right above me she moved and stopped eating me, but my dad forced her face back down to my clit as he forced his entire hand that was much larger than Hawley’s inside of me.  He pushed her head down and I came from the pressure of both. “You are a good fucking slut, you like it don’t you?” “Yes daddy I love it” and he pulled his hand from me and pushed Hawley to the side with Dave’s hand in her ass he moved her off of me and right next to me.

Daddy wanted to fuck me right. “Oh, please daddy make me cum again.” “Oh baby I am going to”.  His rod forced into my loose cunt but so did his fingers and his thumb pressed onto my clit. “How about that my little slut” this felt amazing and I was building towards another orgasm with him “Oh GOD Daddy yes fuck me, please fuck me!” He did I came all over him. Dave said “let’s DP them for a bit” and pulled his hand from Hawley’s ass.

He laid back “Jera, get on with your ass towards my face” I slid down on top of him and he pulled me so my back was on his chest and daddy pushed his cock in right next to Dave.  He went wild with this new tighter feeling “Hawley play with her tits and clit” Dave demanded and she did. Her touch was soft next to his hard shaft plowing into me. He quickly came and ordered Hawley to suck him hard again because it was her turn.  She did and he grabbed on to the back of her head and forced himself into her mouth.

I just sat up Dave’s cock buried deep inside of me and watched. Then it was her turn and daddy was to be on the bottom while Dave fucked her hard. I played with her tits and her clit and kissed her neck and lips while they took her. He came just as quick as my father had in me.  We were all spent and Dave suggested that we return to our room.  Daddy agreed, but wanted to hear me say that I liked the way he fucked me.  I did like how he fucked me it was rough, but fun “Daddy I LOVE how you fuck me” I replied as we walked out the room and to our own.

Dave asked as we laid in our bed for a nap “did you enjoy being with another girl darling?” “Yes that was awesome.” He smiled held me tight and I felt his cock harden again. “Let’s spoon so I have a place to put this while we nap” he rolled me over and slid his cock into my cunt and we slept that way for some time.

Daddy’s Day (day 2)

“You are beautiful Darling, and I hope to make this somewhat enjoyable for you”.

Dave began kissing my body starting at my navel, his hands caressed my buttocks.  He kissed down each leg and up each side. I wanted to push him away, but where would I go I was chained to the wall.  His lips reached my cold hardened left nipple and I couldn’t help myself I placed my hands on his head and pushed with all of my might. He fell backwards tripping over his stool.

From the floor he said “Darling, you have no choice or option but to do as I say. There is no way out for you and no one is coming to save you. If you do anything like that again with out me asking you to do so I will torture those pretty little tits of yours until they bleed.” and with that he stood placed his mouth around my left nipple again and bit down. I began to fight again but his teeth only bared down harder as he grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the wall as well.

The pain was unbearable and sent shivers through my entire body. He pulled from my left nipple and did the same to the right. He stood and pressed his body against mine. I could feel his hard thick cock growing between us. “I have you for 4 days so lets just get my cock settled in your cunt right away”.  He unlocked the chain from my collar and said “on the bed now, on your back”. He closely followed me to the bed and I pulled myself into the center of it and laid down. He pulled his body on top of mine “I know you have fucked before, but bet your fuck hole is still tight”. He pulled each arm and leg through a restraint and tightened each down.

I was spread eagle with my vagina open for him. “Now I just need some lube” as he crawled onto the bed and straddled my upper body.  He squatted down and grabbed each side of my head and forced his cock into my open mouth. Dave was not small by any measure. His cock was hard and was the largest I had ever seen. I was drooling and after just a few pushes deep into my throat he was covered in natural lube. I gagged on the tip of him as it slid down my throat.

He pulled from my mouth and then was quickly between my straddled legs. “I am going to take it slow and feel every inch of you” and he pressed himself against my lips.  My drool made it easy for him to split my labia and find what he was looking for.

I had sex a couple times with an ex boyfriend, but that was close to a year ago.  I remember how much it had hurt the first time, but the subsequent times were enjoyable.

Slowly Dave pressed just the tip into me, held it for just a bit.  I could feel the pressure building, along with the pain. It was not unbearable, and honestly it felt pretty good mind the circumstances. Slowly he pressed more and more of himself into me until his testicles rested on my ass. I had never felt so stretched, full of cock. With care he pulled from me completely and again slowly pressed back inside.

He allowed his weight to rest on top of my chained and sprawled body and again he began kissing me sensually. Slowly his pace increased as he pulled and pushed back into me.  At this moment I was enjoying myself and I felt my body reacting to him working inside of me, he was my lover and I began lifting my hips to meet his strokes. He ground his pelvis into mine pushing against my clit.  The tingling sensation reached across my body as I moaned through the first of many orgasms.

His sensual first fuck went on for hours he one by one each restraint was removed as well as the gag. At this point he was my lover.  I moved freely with his body enjoying him entirely.  After he filled me full of his semen for the second time he had enough. And collapsed on to me.  Five or so minutes later his cock softened and easily slid out of my vagina and past my swollen labia. “I am glad you were still very tight, that felt amazing” His fingers slid under me and he pulled them across the skin of my ass, up between my labia and clit. His hand was covered in both of our juices and he held it to my mouth “clean it off”  and I licked every drop of us off willingly.

“That is a good girl. Are you ready for some sleep?” he asked. “Yes, I am exhausted” I replied. “Good. Do you need to use the restroom?” I nodded yes, “fine then go” and I stood.  He followed me into the rest room and sat on a small stool while he held my hands as I peed. “If you need to take a shit do it too because I may not be awake when you need to go. You are going to be tied to the bed.”  Releasing my bowels was difficult to do in front of him, but I some how managed. I grabbed toilet paper to wipe, and then he gave me a sanitary wipe “clean up really good for me please.” I wiped myself very clean. “Thank you” he said as he pulled me from the toilet and flushed it.

“How do you like to sleep at night?” he asked. “I usually sleep on my side”, “What side?” And I laid on the bed and laid on my right side. “Okay now scoot to that edge.” He pulled my wrists to the edge and secured them both through the loops available. He did the same to my ankles. There was no way to move at all. Dave then laid beside me and covered us both with the blanket.  His body met mine under the sheets as he sensually cuddled with me.

I slept very well for some time, I was sore, but not in pain and the warmth of his body next to mine relaxed me into a deep sleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I woke with a horrific pain in my nipple. Nice Dave was now someone different. He had a very evil look in his eyes that scared me more than the clamps he was attaching to my nipples. I was screaming “No please, No that hurts so bad!” and he was smiling. He unlocked one of my feet and I kicked it towards him “take them off please!” and I tried to kick him again. “Cry more you little cunt, look at how hard your tears make me.” I moved my eyes from his and down toward his cock through my tears I moaned “oh God”.

Finally he was able to attach my first ankle onto a steal bar and then my other ankle. He forced me to roll onto my stomach, unlocked one wrist and harshly pulled it to my ankle and attached it there. And then the other. I was bound and crying loudly. He again forced the open mouth gag onto me again and tears began streaming down my face and covering the sheets below.

He went the “Anal toys” cabinet and pulled out something that had a hose attached to it. Then he came to my side and picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. He set me on the shower floor with the tiles pressing against my face, and cutting into my cheek.  “We need to clean you out first and stretch that virgin ass of yours a bit. This time I wont use cold water, but next time I might”. He attached the hose to the shower head and at the end of the hose a nozzle shaped like a small dildo was attached. He held it near my face and showed me then turned on the water as well and I saw the water shooting from the end as well as the sides and felt the warmness on my face.

“First I am going to lube your ass with some silicone based lube. It holds up really well in the water.” He said this as if he was teaching me a sex lesson. I felt his finger rubbing around my hole and then slowly into me. I jerked in pain as his finger completely pushed inside. I saw him smile again as he sat on the tile bench next to me. With harsh force he pushed the dildo into my ass and I felt the warm water rushing through my bowels. I closed my eyes as he filled me to the brim. He pulled it from me and said “now push out all the water, you tight little cunt. Push now!” he demanded and I did. I smelled my bowels being release and saw them draining below me.  When the fluid stopped coming from my ass he inserted the dildo again and repeated the process. “Push again” and I did.

Four times he filled me and demanded I release the water the last time did not smell and the fluid was clear when it escaped. He then turned the temperature of the water up and forced it into my vagina. The warm water felt very good flowing into me and seeping out around the dildo. He turned up the temp again and I moaned as the hot liquid filled me. I enjoyed it and became very excited. “Don’t you cum you little whore” I tried to hold back but as the hot water hit the sides and back of my cunt I came. He knew I was cumming and immediately turned the water to cold. The peak of my orgasm was cut short by the cramping of the cold water. Pain again rushed over my body. He used his toe to pull on the chain held between the clamps on my nipples bringing me back to reality.

He heard me cry and saw my body quiver and he laughed. “Time to heat up that box of yours so it is nice and warm when I fuck you” and he turned the water to hot again, but just long enough to stop the cramping and warm up his box again.

I looked up again as he pulled the hose from me. He turned off the water and sat straddling my face. He used my hair to pull my head off of the ground and forced me down on his now very hard cock. “All they down now. Choke on me like the little slut you know you are.” He forced his cock down my throat and my chin rested on his balls. I couldn’t breath and his hands held me there until I passed out. I finally woke to him carrying me into the other room and placing me on the bed.

“Oh I am going to fuck you so hard today” He crawled behind me and jammed his cock into my cunt. I felt like he was splitting me apart as his pelvis met my ass. I was his, I had no control, and I liked having his cock inside of my vagina. It felt good even though he was pounding so hard.

Quickly he pulled from my cunt and forced himself into my ass. It hurt so bad and I tried to squirm away but he held tight to my hips “Oh yeah your virgin ass is so fucking tight” He moaned “This isn’t going to take long”. His pace quickened and he was now pounding hard into me and quickly jerked as he filled my bowels with his seamen. “Oh yeah you fuck slut” and he moaned again.

He pulled from me and as he did his juice dripped out of my ass. He sat in front of me and again forced my mouth around his cock.  This time he slowly pulled me by my hair on and off of him.  I could taste my ass and began to gag “you better not puke on me.”

His soft penis became a hard tool again. He stood and began fucking my ass again. His second orgasm was not for at least another hour. Instead of cumming in my ass he pulled from me and forced my mouth down on his cock until I was again without air.  I felt his cock pulsate as he thrust his cum directly down my throat.

He left me bound “going to get us some food” be back in a bit. I began sobbing and didn’t stop until he returned.

He opened the door with a tray full of different foods fruit, waffles, eggs, hash browns and more. He sat it on the table and came to my side. Nice Dave was back he hugged me and gently kissed up the spine of my back. Slowly he unlocked my ankles, wrists and removed the gag. “Let’s eat some food darling”. I was starving and followed him to the table. We ate quietly. Just as we were both about finished he said in a caring voice “I saw your father he wanted to make sure you were still okay” he laughed a bit “I told him you were fine but your ass will be sore for a while”. I didn’t laugh with him because my ass was more than sore it was abused and hurting so badly. My nipples still clenched hurt less though.

Throughout most of the rest of the day he fucked me softly. He was able to make me orgasm only one other time as he ground his cock and pelvis into me and lightly tugging on my clamped nipples.

We watched a movie (a romantic comedy), cuddled, and napped on the couch about mid day.  When he woke me with a tug on the chain I knew it was evil Dave again. “Time to clean you out again” I followed him into the bathroom and he said “on your hands and knees”. I did as he said got down and he forced the hose into my ass over and over until the water ran clear.  “Now that your ass is loose lets use it. Follow me”  he handed me the open mouth gag again and I put it in. I followed him to the swing in the center of the room.  He helped me get strapped in and then rotated me so I was upright but swinging off of the floor a few inches.

He lubed my ass and cunt up again “we don’t want to rip you”. He went to the door and called down the hall “You ready Ted?” he returned to me leaving the door open I saw a couple other young women being led by one man both in chains and nipple clamps. They had tears in their eyes when they looked at me. Ted followed them and entered the room but before he did he slapped each of them on the ass.

He left the door open behind him so onlookers could watch as many did. Dave stated to him “her ass is nice and tight and even after the beating I gave it last night I am sure it will be tight for you”. “Awesome man thanks for inviting me, so whats the plan?” the new comer Ted replied. “I want to DP her for a while you take her ass and I will take her cunt, we will switch and then I want both of our cocks in each of her holes together.” “Fuck yeah” Ted said enthusiastically as he forced his cock into my ass while Dave was pushing his into my cunt. Both of them got into rhythm and were slowly but forcefully taking me.

Dave pulled out and went to the toy cabinet and returned with a sliver bullet vibrator, just like the one I had at home hidden under my bed in a shoe in the shoes box. “Just wait until you feel her cum it is so amazing” as he placed the vibrator on my clit and slowly pushed his tool back into me. He held it there and joined in with Ted’s rhythm. I felt a rush over my body again and started to push back and forth with their offset rhythm. I came just minutes later and every muscle in my body contracted around both men and both drove deep into me depositing their seed at the same moment.  I felt each of them pulsating inside of me and that only made me cum harder around them.

They pulled from me left me suspended in the air and recovered looking at me and tugging on my now numb nipples. After both cocks were hard again Ted suggested “let tag her ass first”. Both men lubed their cocks and Dave went in first from behind and Ted went in form my front and with no recourse shoved his cock in next to Dave’s.  Pain again and I moan. With rhythm they both fucked my ass and then my cunt but Ted held the vibe on my clit and forced me to come around both of their cocks inside of me.

When they were finished going back and forth Ted left and so did the onlookers. Dave released me and he softly fucked me again until he came and we both passed out, but he didn’t bind me to anything. I just curled up on his chest and slept.

Daddy’s Day (day 1)

The day I turned 18 was the day I was introduced to my current life style. A style of sex for money, sex for fun, and sex to get what I want. Here is how it all started and how it brought me to who I am now:

It was my eighteenth birthday in a week and my father wanted to make sure I never forgot it. He told me that this day was all his and that we were going to be going on a trip just him and myself.  I have always gotten along very well with my father.  My mother annoyed me so I avoided her conversation and attempts to persuade my father into doing after my birthday and instead having, yet another, family birthday party. I of course had no intentions of spending my eighteenth birthday with my mother and her family. So I accepted his invitation for a trip not knowing what was coming.

The week flew by and before I knew it my father was picking me up after work and we were headed somewhere. I was excited and not knowing made it more fun.  I kept guessing: “Are we going to Vegas?” he replied “Nope” with laughter in his voice. “How about Atlantic City?” I replied, “Nope” again with the laughter.  “You will never guess where we are going sweetheart, but I promise we will both enjoy it.”

He turned up the music and kept on driving.  We drove for what seamed like hours. I finally closed my eyes and attempted to sleep.  He saw the lids of my eyes struggling and he said “take this it will help you sleep we still have a couple hours before we reach the hotel”. I took the pill from his hand and with in half the hour I was zonked out with no recollection of what was happening around me or to me.

While I was in his drug induced coma he took us to a hotel that specialized in more than just clean beds. I was stripped naked, all signs of pubic hair were shaven from my body and I was locked in a room with 30 or 40 other naked young women.  There were guards (women guards) some with guns and others with whips. When I finally woke I was laying on the floor curled in the fetal position. I looked around at the other naked bodies and finally it hit me. I began to scream out for my father.  Of course we had been hijacked, he had been killed, I was afraid for my life, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

One of the Guards ran towards me and with a smooth sweep landed a punch across my face that left me breathless. She then took an open mouth gag and forced it between my teeth.  I couldn’t scream with this in, I couldn’t swallow, but I could breath.  I laid back on the floor and tried to cover as much of my body as possible.  I began assessing the situation looking around and trying to focus my eyes on what was around me. There were many doors, and large windows looking down on the smaller room. My eyes finally came into focus and I could see that there were men (many men) staring down on our bodies. I examined their smiling faces and with astonishment found my own fathers.

I tried to stand covering my breasts and vagina from the onlookers, but my knees were so week. I stared at him begging him to look at me, but he didn’t even glance at me. He was staring at someone in the opposite corner. Through the other young woman’s cries I began hearing what he was starring contently at. It sounded as if there was an auction being performed. “And now we have Tori, a fine piece of meat for you” a small pause I assumed the girl was pulled to her feet “at a young age of 18 she stands only five foot four inches and weighs in at 125, breasts are b cups with a width of 32, her profile states that she is very active in sports (as you can see she is very toned), and our doctors have just confirmed that she is a virgin.” A gasp came from the glass encased men. “Let the bidding begin at $2,000.00”. I saw numerous signs with numbers being raised by the men, my father included. I wished that I didn’t know why they were bidding on her because I knew my time would come.

My father didn’t win the first virgin, but he won Hawley a 19 year old. I was sitting behind her when my father was bidding.  She was beautiful, long silky black hair, 5′ 5, 115 lbs., small perky breasts, and to top it all off her hymen was still present. She was a Christian girl who was saving her virginity for her future husband.

Finally it was my turn to be bid on. The auctioneer moved towards me with his armed women guards. As he took his last step towards me I watched as my father moved closer to the glass and watched me being sold. The guards grabbed me by the arms and placed me on my feet and there was another woman in a white coat (the doctor) that stood close to me.   “And here we have Jera, 18 years old today, 5 feet 2 inches, she weighs in at 105 lbs. Her tits size is 32 b and her waist is only 27 inches.” At this point the guards turned me so my back was facing the men and then one whispered “bend over now and grab your ankles”. The doctor moved in behind me with her rubber gloved hand and probed one finger inside of my vagina. She looked at the auctioneer and shook her head saying no. “She is not a virgin, but still a great delight” I was stood up again and faced towards the men. My father was smiling at me like he knew I wasn’t a virgin.  Maybe that is why I am here, or maybe because he is a sick man I really don’t know.

“Let the bidding begin at $1,000.00” The remaining me raised their numbers as my price crawled up to $2,300.00 and came to a halt. “SOLD to number 113, payment will be expected prior to taking her” and with that I was lead into one of the small rooms off of the main area. Eyes wide taking in the dark room one of the guards placed a metal collar around my neck and it was secured to the wall by a chain. The left the room to continue the auction.

Alone and scared to death, bound to the wall with an open mouth gag in place, the realization that I was sold for sex finally sunk in. Within the room there were many different devices.  There was a bed with restraints bolted to every side.  A padded coffee table sitting in front of a black leather couch. A TV stand with a camera sitting next to it. A taller padded table and a swing hanging from a metal stand. Everything had bolts and restraints attached. Another door that opened to a visible bathroom was in the corner. There were also many cabinets standing on the outer walls. All of them were labeled. “Anal Toys, Ropes, Vibrators, and Pain” I scanned the titles and ended back on Pain.  Why would that be there.

After just a short time bidder number 113 walked into the room. Surprisingly he was handsome I found him very attractive.  He was maybe in his mid thirties, well built and dark haired.  He went straight to the bathroom without saying a word he relieved himself with the door open and then removed all of his clothing.  He carefully folded each article, including socks, and placed them on the counter. He turned towards me, picked up the padded coffee table and sat it directly in front of me.

“Darling, I know you are scared, but please know that you will be safe here with me.” I whimpered through the gag. “I know you have many questions, but now is not the time for them all so here is a quick synopsis of what is happening to you. Your father is a member of this sex club and comes here often. He has given me special instructions on how to use you. This is not punishment for anything you have done, but a way of life that he wants you to take part in.” He cleared his throat “my name is Dave I am single, I am free of any disease as are you. We are all checked prior to anything. I will not be wearing a condom and you will be provided with a pill to make the chances of me impregnating you slim.”  After putting some of my fears at ease he leaned towards me placed his head on my stomach and his arms around my thighs. “You are beautiful Darling, and I hope to make this somewhat enjoyable for you”.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Last night

I was deep asleep in my usual slumber by ten at night.  The nightly news still blazed on the television.  I sleepily awoke around eleven and sauntered my way to bed removing my clothing and slipping between the covers. With in ten minuets I was once again deeply sleeping. Not much could wake me from such a deep sleep.

At around midnight John my boyfriend slid in beside me quietly.  He had always had a very high sex drive and it had been a couple weeks since we had made love.  I know that he was getting antsy and had commented about it as well. He said “I am just going to have to take you while you are sleeping aren’t I?” just days before.  To his comment I just laughed.  He knew that I wouldn’t be too pleased if he had tried. This night he must have had enough of the waiting.

Slowly and cautiously he slipped my hands and feet through ropes tied to the corners of the bed frame.  He pulled them tight spreading my body apart for him. At first he gently kissed my lips, neck and breasts. Lovingly he worshiped my body like he had always done. Still sleeping he caressed my breasts and nipples even more causing them to become erect. We had always had very sensual sex and never really ever got into any rough play.  I knew that he had wanted to explore more sexually, but never allowed him to.  He had mentioned once that he needed it, but I ignored his request.  I have found a couple of interesting sexual toys mixed in with his possessions, but never really questioned any of them at all.

After caressing my entire body he brought some of the toys from his hiding spots and laid them on the night stand next to my sleeping body. He quickly and assertively forced and open mouth gag onto my face. I awoke and it took some time before my sleep left me and I realized that I was tied down, unable to move and unable to really speak or scream. He was standing next to the bed with a  determined look on his face. He was intently watching me as I began to thrash back and forth begging him with my body to untie me. John finally stated in a very stern voice “not tonight, tonight I am going to fuck you how I want to fuck you. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I have told you over and over that this is what I need and you have just ignored me. Tonight you are my fucking slut and I don’t care.” Tears began welling in the corner of my eyes as he knelt on the bed straddling my arm pressing his cock onto my cheek. I turned my head away from him and he grabbed the hair on top of my head.  He slapped me and demanded “Don’t ever turn away from me again” as he twisted my head by my hair and forced his erect cock into my mouth. I began to gag violently, but he didn’t care. He was going to take me how he wanted me tonight I began to vomit and John pulled his cock form my mouth as I did. “If you puke I will make you eat it” he said as his cock was forced back into my throat “relax you fucking slut, you know you like it”.

I did not like it but I also did not want to have to eat my own vomit so I tried to calm down and as I did the head of his cock made its way down my throat and his balls rested on my cheek. He held it there and I could tell that he enjoyed the feeling of my throat gagging around his cock. John violently began fucking my mouth and with each stroke his cock became harder making it more difficult to breath. With one final hard thrust the head of his cock deep down my throat his cum began shooting into my stomach. His hands gripped the sides of my face as he used my mouth. He fell back after unloading completely and lied cuddled up next to me.  I was horrified and scared to death as he began stroking my body again and fell asleep quickly on my chest leaving me tied spread eagle and the gag in my mouth.  I watched him as he slept unable to find sleep myself.

He woke about two hours later and had obviously recovered from his first orgasm as his cock was hard and erect again. Tears were still dribbling down my face.  He then knelled over my face and again began abusing my mouth and sore throat. Gagging I just kept looking up at him begging him to stop with my eyes.  He did stop pulled his cock from my mouth and stood in front of the  night stand looking at the toys he had brought out.  He grabbed his nipple clamps and secured one on each nipple.  It was painful and I didn’t like it, but the sensation did reach down into my clit. He tightened them down as far as they would go ignoring my screams.  He began laughing and said “shut up or I will fuck your face again”. I quickly quieted down as much as I could.  I did not want his cock in my throat anymore.  Then he began flicking my nipples causing me as much pain as he could.

After he had tortured my nipples long enough he decided to move on.  He placed me in a spreader bar one ankle at a time. Not allowing me any moment that I was not secured.  I fought him and very hard as he locked my ankles into place. I was able to kick him across his mid section once “your going to regret that you fucking bitch slut”. I knew I would too, but I couldn’t not fight.  I wanted out of here and this contraption. While laying on my back he released one arm and I began swinging it as well scratching him across the face and drawing blood. He pinned down my arm with his knee and fucked my face again.  He didn’t cum and he gagged me to the point that I couldn’t breath.  I finally passed out from the lack of oxygen and while I was out he latched my hands next to my ankles. I woke in the doggy position with my ass and cunt in the air.

He began kissing me, up and down my back.  Flicking the nipple rings and finally he sat in front of my face and spread his legs he forced his cock into my mouth again and used my hair to raise my head on and off of him.  He then forced it down into my throat completely and left me sit there until I again passed out.  At this time he positioned himself behind me and as I woke he was pressing into my cunt. At first he was slow, but then like with my face he became brutal. He was fucking me so hard every thrust ended in pain. “Cum on my cock you slut” he demanded. He wanted me to cum.  I wasn’t enjoying this, was I? I could feel that my juices had lubricated his cock and it did slide in and out of me with ease. But could I cum? He slapped my ass very hard and then grabbed my hitachi vibrator and held it directly on my clit while he continued to pound his cock into me. This I liked. It was a different feeling being taken by force and fucked how he wanted. I began cumming and started to moan like I always did and he knew it.  As my body reacted and my hips pushed towards his cock he began laughing.  “See I told you it would be fun” he explained “you never listen to me, but that orgasm was one of your best” he was right it was. My juices were freely flowing down my inner thighs as he continued to pound and vibrate me over and over to multiple orgasms.

He was pleased with my ability to orgasm  pulled his wet cock from my dripping cunt and brought it again to my face. Forcing it in my mouth “taste how much you liked that”. Then he returned behind me and with no warning forced his now dry cock into my tight ass.  I had only had anal sex with him once I didn’t like it. It hurt too much. I screamed out in pain but couldn’t move or react at all.  My screams did not stop his attack, but only fueled his sexual desire for me.  He was enjoying that I was in pain and that I did not want him doing what he was to me and to my ass.  He then grabbed the back of my hair and tugged my head closer to him.  He then grasped a hold of my neck and began cutting off my air supply.  I was worried that he might kill me.  I began to squirm under his weight for what felt like forever. I finally passed out and when I awoke I felt more pain than I had ever felt before.

His cock began ripping my ass hole apart as he fucked me more forceful than before.  He had released my head and as I looked between my legs I could see that there was blood dripping down from my ass and onto my legs and the bed. I began crying again but I was still his prize at this moment and there was nothing I could do but let him finish. I laid my head down and closed my eyes and began breathing deeply. Suddenly I felt him retract and then insert something into my cunt. I twas larger than his cock so I knew it wasn’t that.  I opened my eyes and saw a large dildo protruding from my cunt. As soon as it was inserted completely he took to my ass again.

Now I was completely full this huge fake cock in my cunt and his cock in my ass.  He again took the hitachi to my clit and again I was beginning to enjoy myself.  After just a few moments of the vibrations on my clit I began cumming, squeezing down on his cock and covering the dildo in my juices. While my muscles were tight and holding onto him I felt him release his load into my ass.  It felt good and I did enjoy it.

John again fell to my side and began removing the nipple clamps from each tit.  He then rolled me on my back still tied to the spreader bar and released one arm first and attaching it to the ropes still hanging from the bed. He unlatched me completely from the spreader bar and re attached each rope.  I was exhausted and almost instantly fell asleep and so did he again his head on my chest. I woke a couple hours later and noticed that the mouth gag was gone and I was relieved to be able to swallow my throat was very dry. I was also free of any binding and curled up into a small ball next to him.  He was sleeping next to me and I dove off to sleep again.

When I woke in the morning I wasn’t mad. I was upset, sore, tired still and a bit intrigued. Yes there were times that I didn’t enjoy myself last night, but a lot the parts I did…

Today ADULT Pictures included!
November 12, 2009, 11:06 pm
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I want to be stuffed so full in every hole.  I wish I had 5 men on the line that would force their cocks into me any way possible.  I want to feel two cocks in my cunt at the same time. Maybe even a fist. I am so fucking horny.

I have been looking at new toys and some pictures all day and I am really very worked up.

Things i would like to do right now.


My wanted items right now are:

Nipple clamps

Shower Enema

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best type?

How I Became His (Mature Eyes Only)

I always park a great distance away from stores so that I get more exercise walking to and from my car, even at night I do this.  After clubbing with some girlfriends I decided to stop at Walmart  for a late night snack to ease through my inevitable hang over the next day.  As I walked into Walmart I had a strange sensation that I was being watched as a car pulled up close to mine and parked.  I just assumed that they wanted the extra exercise also.  I ignored my gut instinct and went about my shopping in my half drunk state leaning heavily on the cart to support my weight and relieve some of the pressure from my feet that were bound in high heels.  I knew I stood out from the rest of the Walmart crowd because I still had on my low cut top forcing my small tits into some cleavage,  a short pleated skirt, and of course the essential undergarments my favorite bra with a silky thong (just in case I did get lucky).

Walking through the store gathering the items necessary for a late night binge I noticed one man that was paying more attention to me than he should have. He was very good looking and I did not care the way he ogled me, in fact I was enjoying myself being sure to bend over to grab items off of the bottom shelf exposing the base of my ass as he walked down the same isle. After catching his glance with my own I smiled and he returned the favor.

Innocent flirting is one of my specialties. Maybe this night I took it too far, but I was having fun. That is until this strange man cornered me between the hunting accessories and gym equipment towards the back of the deserted store.  He pushed my face into the shelving unit at the end of the isle, my forehead colliding with the clearance dumbbell. I pulled  my hands to my forehead grasping the knot that was beginning to form.  In a state of shock I looked down and was terrified. This man had a knife pressing between my tits towards my throat. He whispered “if you scream cunt I will kill you” then he began kissing my neck and with his free hand he was groping my tits. I couldn’t move, screaming was out of the question, I was terrified and frozen with shock.  Finally his hand slid up my skirt and found my soaked thong. “Ah” he moaned, “I turned you on did I?” I didn’t respond, I was ashamed because in fact this man, this horrible man, had aroused me and I knew he felt how aroused I was. I could feel my juices dripping out of me and pudding in the crotch of my panties.

With the knife still pointed to my throat he stated. “Here is what you are going to do, slut” he paused and reached for my left nipple painfully squeezing it between his forefinger and thumb. “You are going to walk with me to the cash register, pay for your shit, and walk out to your car. With me walking next to you.” He paused gripping my right nipple and hurting me the same.  “If you look at anyone weird, talk to anyone too much, or try to get away I promise I will find you”.  He took my wallet form my purse that was in the cart with my items to purchase. He took my driver’s license and my social security card and placed them in his pocket. I thought to myself “fuck why did I have my social security card in my fucking wallet”. He whispered again “Regina Waltkins, who lives at 2587 West State street. I will hurt you to the point you will be begging for death if you don’t do as I say. Do you understand?”  I nodded agreeing and he said “good, now slut you are mine get your shit and lets go pay for it, but I need to pick up a couple items before we leave.”

He walked next to me pushing the cart with his arm interlocked with mine and he drug me across the store to the ladies underwear department. He placed two pairs of black nylons in the cart and a black bra and panty set.  Then he drug me across the store to the pet department and grabbed a choke collar that is for a dog and a black leash. Tears were welling in my eyes. He leaned into me pressing my back against the collar display and whispered “stop crying, now” in a very stern voice. Fearing for my life I pushed the tears from my eyes and tried to compose myself.  It took only a few seconds and I was ready to go. He pulled me along the main isle towards the pharmacy department. He placed an enema bag with a long hose, a bottle of petroleum jelly and a box of latex gloves in the cart.

“Alright, let’s go” he stated as he locked his arm with mine and began pulling me towards the check out area. He smiled at me with a look in his eyes that made me very uncomfortable. As we got to the checkout counter he asked “you’re getting this right dear?” and I replied “sure”. The teller had no clue. She just scanned the items placed them in bags and I paid the total without a second look.  He interlocked his arm in mine again and we walked out the store.  I wanted to scream and run and make a huge scene, but I believed him when he said he would find, hurt and kill me. I couldn’t muster enough courage to risk it. He walked directly to my car. “Unlock it slut!” he said.  I pulled my keys from my purse and on it was my pepper spray. Fuck it I thought to myself as I pointed the spray towards him. I barely missed his face and he smashed my head into the top of my car knocking me unconscious.

I wake up some time later in your car. My skirt is pulled up to my waist and my panties were around my ankles. I am handcuffed to the door of the car and you have tied my feet with a pair of nylons. Between my knees there is a metal bar with straps on each side forcing them apart. I can see my pussy and so can this man. He turns to me, smiling and says “your cunt is still wet, see?” as he dips his finger into my mound and pulls it out along with some of my juices. He puts the finger to my mouth and rubs it all over my lips then he begins to lick his own finger. I whimper and ask “who are you?” he calmly says “Ted” and then a long silence follows. “What are you going to do to me?” I ask. “I am going to do whatever I want to you” he explained. Again silence for some time and finally he spoke up “You will be hurt, but if you do as I say we will take it easy on you.”

Thoughts began racing through my mind. Then his phone rang and he answered. I could hear both sides of the conversation.

“Hey Ted, Mark, did find us a piece of ass?”

“Oh fuck yeah, you should see this slut, she is ripe for us too.”

“Fucking sweet, where’s her car?”

“Walmart parking lot towards the back, white Volvo license plate B2349X.”

“Ok, I am going to go and grab it and we will meet you at your place.”

“All right see you there in about 20.”

Ted hung up his phone and turned his attention to me again and smiled, “if you relax I am sure you will enjoy yourself”. Mark on the phone said we again, so there are at least three of them. How could I relax, I knew I was going to be raped and by multiple people. I began to cry hysterically.  Ted laughed, pulled my shirt and bra above my breast gripped my nipple twisted and quickly pulled it hard between his fingers. The pain shot through my body and I screamed out. “There now you have something to cry about.”

He pulled up to a house that was set off the road a ways and through a locked gait that opened when he pushed a button.  There were three buildings one looked like a main house, a shop, and a garage. He pulled up to the shop and with another button opened the garage door and pulled inside closing the door behind the car.  He unlocked the car rolled the passenger window down and came to the door.  He unlocked the cuffs from the door, but immediately locked me in place again. I was unable to walk due to my legs being tied together and the bar between my knees. So Ted pulled me from the car and I fell to the ground and he drug me across the smooth cement floor by the tie on my ankles.

He pulled me into a large finished room and turned the lights on. He walked back to the car and returned with all of the bags he then bolted and locked the door from the inside behind us with a key. It was one large dark colored room. There was a black leather couch, a very large coffee table, TV mounted on the wall, bed, and many furniture like items around the room. The TV showed the room by what looked like 4 cameras. Oh my God I thought to myself he is videotaping this. I saw myself on the floor legs apart in the bottom right corner of the TV. I could see a door that led to a large bathroom. He walked around turning on all of the lights and putting away the groceries I had purchased, then returned to me.  He picked me up off the ground and took me to the couch and sat me there as if I were just watching the latest movie. He sat next to me and pulled my skirt up to bare my naked crotch. I pushed my tied hands down to cover myself.

He grabbed the chain between my hands and pulled it above my head. There must have been a loop on the back of the couch that he pushed the link of the chain onto. My hands were now above my head leaving me exposed for him and the camera that pointed at the couch. “Much better” he said.  I could see him and every move he made. “I can’t wait for them” as his hands found my still wet crotch. He calmly and gently circled my clit with the tip of his finger.  “No” I screamed, “please don’t”. He ignored my pleas and began to lightly tug on my labia and then back to my clit.

I began screaming to myself in my mind saying no it doesn’t feel good, stop liking this I kept repeating to myself over and over. My clit was now very sensitive and swollen. Ted forced his finger into my cunt and moaned “oh God, thank God”.  Then with his fingers still inside of me he knelt down between my knees. He pulled his fingers from me and quickly plunged them back deep inside. He looked into my eyes and smiled as he then found my clit with his tongue. I felt so good as he began sucking my clit like he was nursing on a bottle.  He bent his fingers onto my G spot and began using the come hither motion as he massaged it as well. My body reacted. I couldn’t stop it he felt so good. I screamed again “STOP, NO, PLEASE STOP!” as my body release and my now soaking cunt tightened around his fingers. I began to cry ashamed that this horrible man made me cum against my will. I was ashamed that I liked what he did and began crying again.

The locks turned on the door and I knew the others where here.  Two more men walked in followed by a woman who was wearing a collar and leash that was held by one of the other men. Ted was still sucking on my clit and fucking me with his fingers.  He looked up at them with guilty look. One of the men started laughing as the other in a stern voice said, “fuck Ted you can never wait can you?” Ted replied “Sorry Mark” and he turned his attention to the other man “hey Sam” then he turned to the woman and said “bitch” as if it were her name she smiled and said “hello sir”.

Ted smiled again and pulled his fingers from my pussy and again he rubbed the juices on my lips.  The smell made me sick to my stomach.  It reminded me that I had enjoyed what he did to me. Sam tugged on Bitch’s leash and said “sit next to Slut”. Slut must have been my name because after he un-clipped her leash from her collar she stood next to me.  I noticed the satisfaction on her face as she glanced at me she smiled in a loving way. Her expression made me feel safer. I am glad she was there.

Bitch was burned into the leather collar that was around her neck. She was very beautiful.  She had curves on her and her hips danced as she walked in her black mini skirt and red high heels.  She wore a very low cut white baby t-shirt with no bra.  I could see her dark stiffened nipples protruding through the thin material. She had dark brown hair and eyes in contrast with her creamy pale skin.

Bitch stood before she sat and she looked to Sam for approval and instruction. He looked at her and said “take off all of your clothes, but leave those hot heels on” she obeyed him and removed all of her clothing folded it and placed it on the coffee table. Sam, Mike and Ted started a conversation about how hot I was. Sam and Mike thanked Ted for grabbing me and they went on, but I became lost when Bitch turned to them “Bitch sit now. Alright guys you ready rock out with our cocks out?” Sam stated with a chuckle in his voice. They all nodded as Bitch sat next to me.  I could see her and my own figures on the screen in front of us. She spread her legs like mine had been forced to do so. Ted went to a closet and grabbed what looked identical to the bar that held my legs apart and placed it on Bitch; he tied her ankles, cuffed her wrists and secured the link behind her head.  Now she was spread and in the same position as me, but I was still clothed.

I could see Mark in the background behind us setting up a hand held camcorder. I knew when it was up and running because the TV in front of me showed the top of the table that the lens was pointing to. He then sat it down on the table and began to undress. The lens was then pointed directly at his crotch and I could see his large, but still soft penis on the screen in front of me. Bitch began giggling at the site of his cock, he didn’t like that. He came around in front of her asked “Sam may I put your Bitch into her place?” and Sam nodded. Mark held his hand back and slapped her across the face. I screamed in fear, but she smiled and then Mark shoved his limp dick into her mouth. It wasn’t limp long as she sucked on him it began to choke her and I could hear her gagging when he forced it down her throat.

Sam had grabbed the hand held camera and was now recording tears running down her face as he thrust into her. I could see everything that he was doing to her and how massive his cock had gotten.  With his cock deep in Bitch’s mouth he held it where his balls were on her chin and asked “Ted can I see how your Slut sucks?” and he said “Sure but don’t hurt her too bad ok?” He pulled his cock from Bitch’s mouth as she gasped for air he moved in front of me. I tightened my jaw so that there was no way he could force his cock into me, but he tried pressing the head against my lips.

I held him off and it amused him that I was fighting this because he had wanted to have the excuse to hurt me. He finally held his hand up and slapped me hard across and then got me with the back swing as well. Tears began streaming down my cheeks and the salt stung my red flesh. Then Ted pulled on my hair forcing my chin up and opens my mouth.  A split second later Marks massive cock was forcing its way between my teeth. “Don’t use your teeth SLUT!” he screamed in pain as he forced his cock to the back of my throat. Then quickly pulled himself out of me. He slapped me harder this time and I felt the welt swell immediately across both sides of my face. Mark said “get the cage for this slut” and Ted went to the closet and returned with a mid-evil looking contraption. My jaw still clenched He pulled my hair back again and Mark grabbed my chin and they placed this contraption into my mouth then let the release go and it snapped my mouth open. It stretched the skin of my lips and was very painful. Mark then said to me, “if you lick my cock really well I will take it off of you, but if you don’t I will make sure it stays on all night.”

I wanted out of that mouth cage so badly as Mark pushed his cock into my mouth my tongue went crazy licking him as quickly as I could. Then the tip of his cock made its decent down the back of my throat and I began gagging and chocking loudly. “Bitch, tell the fucking Slut what to do” and she turned and began whispering in my ear. “Calm down, breath through your nose  when he pulls out, then try to relax your throat as he pushes his cock in.”  She paused as he pulled from me and I took a deep breath and prepared for his re-entry. As he pushed gently, but with force his cock back into my mouth and start down my throat Bitch calmly said “relax hun, just relax, you are going to probably gag, but try and relax”.  I did as she said and the gagging became less, but the tears still streamed down my face.  Mark pulled from me and asked are you going to bite me?” I shook my head no, and he removed the very painful cage from my mouth and said “open” and I did no hesitation in the least.

Mark then became more violent and grabbed onto my hair and forces his cock completely into my mouth and throat.  I felt his balls on my chin.  My throat contracted as I gagged I knew he was enjoying himself, but I made sure my teeth were nowhere near his shaft. I looked up in terror un able to breathe he smiled at me then spit in my face. He quickly pulled his dick from my mouth and then forced it back in and said start sucking.  My tongue and mouth formed around his cock as his head pushed into my throat.  All the while Bitch was coaching me and reminding me to calm down. Telling me fucking would hurt less if I did.  I am not sure how long this went on, but my mouth and throat where sore when he stopped.

Everyone was ready now; all of them where naked the men sported stiff cocks and Bitch’s nipples were still very stiff.  Ted said “alright now that Mark knows how she sucks I guess we get a chance too.”  Ted said “open Slut” and I did and just as with Mark he forced his cock into my mouth and down my throat, but only for a short time because Sam was next in line “open Slut” and I did. Then I heard “open Bitch” and both of us were allowing one of these men to fuck our throats and the other man was videotaping us.

With Sam’s balls resting on my chin he unchained my wrists and pulled his cock from me as he let each of my arms go and then he took the bar off between my legs and untied my ankles.  And Ted let Bitch go as well. Ted said “get up.” and both of us rose. “Take off your clothes, Bitch help her.” All three sat down as Mark was still recording and I pulled off my shirt over my head Bitch pulled down on my bra exposing my breasts and gently sucking on each nipple. I watched as my nipples became hardened by her touch. Then I began unlatching the bra as as she unzipped my skirt and it quickly fell to the ground. As I stepped out from the skirt her mouth met my clit just for a moment. Ted clapped lightly and said “Slut put your foot on the coffee table and Bitch it is your turn to suck her off.”  In front of them I placed my foot on the table exposing myself to them. Bitch sat in front of me and began licking and sucking my entire cunt.  All of the men enjoyed this “Switch Sam” stated indicating it was my turn to lick. I had never in my life performed such and act and I didn’t know how to.  Bitch could see that in my eyes as she stood and I kneel in front of her. She smiled.  I tried to mimic what she had done to me. Gently sucking and licking. This didn’t last too long because the men wanted a piece of both of us.

All three men stood and Ted pointed “Bitch you sit and stay here, we are going to clean out Slut”.  Ted then turned to me “take off your shoes and follow now dirty Slut”. Clean out what did that mean I thought as I followed him into the bathroom? This was one of the strangest bathrooms I had ever seen there where tie downs attached to everything. The shower had loops with chains on them drilled into the wall. There was a shallow tub that had multiple ties on each side and at the foot and head of it as well. “Get in the tub on your hands and knees like a fucking dog” Mark barked at me. I did as he said then the men bound me in place spreading my knees apart and pulling them to my chest, my arms were outstretched towards one end of the tub.  Ted had the enema douche in his hand and I knew what was next. “First, let’s use this, and then we will work up from there.” I noticed large hoses attached to what looked like dildos with holes on all sides. They all were a bit different in girth and in length.

Without any notification Ted forcefully shoved the first nozzle into my virgin ass. Yes I had never had anal sex or anal anything. He lifted the bag into the air and  I felt the fluid rushing into my bowels. “Plug her” stated Sam as this contraption was pulled from the ceiling. It looked like it was attached and had a mechanism moving it like a motor or something. He placed the slightly larger plug into my ass as the enema was removed. The pressure of the fluid along with this new plug was over whelming.  I felt as if I was going to explode. They all left the room. Moments later the plug was ripped from my ass I screamed out in pain and the fluid poured out of my ass and into the drain that was directly below my head. The shower was turned on and it sprayed me and all of my shit down the drain. The men returned no doubt watching this on their TV. Ted grabbed one of the hoses with a larger attachment and forced it into my ass there was a large bulb at the end of this contraption and it wasn’t moving at all. Then he turned the water on. It was so hot almost scalding my insides. I screamed and squirmed as they all laughed. My ass was entirely full of this hot water. One of them, I am not sure who, took out the dildo and replaced it with the plug.  They left the room. I cried and screamed out in pain for some time. Without any notice the plug was ripped from my ass as fluid ran towards the drain. They did this multiple times expelling any shit from my bowel. The last time I didn’t cry or scream at all.

I was exhausted as Ted untied me from the tub and Sam called for Bitch. “Bitch get in here now, take off those shoes” Sam demanded as she ran into the bathroom. Ted whispered into my ear “you did great; you’re done for a bit”.  As he stood me up and began to dry me with a towel. “Let’s go watch” and he lead me to the couch, placed the knee bar again and chained my hands above my head. On the TV was Bitch her ass in the air and a very large dildo was forced into her. She moaned with pleasure as the water was forced into her filling her completely. The plug was put in place and the other two joined us as they let her sit as she was.

They began stroking their cocks as Ted used one hand to circle my clit with his fingers. Sam pressed some button and the plug was forcefully ripped from her ass as she screamed, but it sounded like with pleasure. Sam laugh “God she loves that, she turns me on so much when she cums”. Did that just make her cum? I thought to myself.  She was then sprayed off, untied and dried by Sam.

As Sam took care of Bitch Mark and Ted took me to the corner and the swing. They lifted me into the contraption and tied me so I was upright with my knees pulled up and to my sides. Ted began kissing my neck and whispered “you are so beautiful” and he even said “I love you” as if he had known me for years. Bitch was then tied the same way next to me and Mark held the camera recording both of us. Ted moistened his hard large cock with lube and lowered my cunt onto him. He gently slid his cock into me as he wrapped his arms around me and gently began fucking me.  I could feel every inch of his cock inside of me and I felt my body begin to react to him. He could tell that I was enjoying myself and he began kissing me on my lips and becoming more forceful with his thrusts. I kissed him back as an orgasm shot through my body. He thrust harder and steadier “tell me when you are going to cum” he said. I was getting close again and I moaned moments later “I am going to cum, oh God” and as such he thrust into me hard and fast and began filling me with his own cum.

I had blocked everything around me out as Bitch was screaming out in pleasure as well. Ted pulled from me and spun me so I could watch as she was being fucked. Sam was fucking her so hard and Mark was videoing every thrust. He passed the camera off to Ted and asked permission from Sam “can I join in?” Sam said “sure but I want her ass” He pulled from her spun her around and forced his cock into her ass as Mark forced his cock into her cunt. They both were fucking her one in each hole. We watched as Sam began cumming into her as she reached another orgasm.

Teds cock hardened again and he demanded “Mark fuck her now”.  “Gladly” he replied as he pulled his cock from Bitch’s ass and walked to the front of me. Ted gave the camera to Sam and took position behind me. Both of them forced their cocks into me Sam’s in my pussy and Ted’s in my ass. It hurt being fucked with force and I screamed out and Ted said “just relax” and continued fucking me hard. I did try to relax and as I did I began enjoying being so filled. Each of their cocks was thrusting in and out of me at the same pace. I felt Ted kissing my back and neck and Mark whispered “Slut you are so fucking beautiful” as he kissed my lips and neck. They fucked me hard and then softer for some time until both of them had planted their seed inside of me.

They let both of us down and Ted pulled me to the bed as the others went to the couch. He put his arms around me and lifted me onto the bed and laid me on my back. He curled up next to me and gently stroked every part of my body. His fingers ran across my belly and nipples up to my face and neck. He then whispered “I want to make love to you now, is that ok?” I gave him permission and he gently began kissing my body and then focused again on my clit sucking it as he had done before. He then turned his body placing his cock at my face. He didn’t say anything or force it into my mouth as they had before. He just let it hang there as he teased my clit with the tip of his tongue and fingered my slit. He brought me to climax and as the excitement filled my body I pulled his cock into my mouth and began sucking on him. This lasted just a short time and he gently but forcefully pushed his cock into my throat. “Just relax” he said as I began to gag. I calmed and took him completely into my mouth and down my throat.

He then pulled his cock from my mouth and laid on top of me pushing his cock into my wet cunt. He slowly and softly made love to me for what felt like hours. I enjoyed myself as his cum filled me again. He kissed me pulled from me and got up and went to the couch. “You guys about ready?” he asked. In unison they replied “yup” and came to the bed.

Sam laid next to me and demanded “get up here” pointing to his erect cock. I replied wrong “I am tired can I go home now?” He grabbed the back of my head slapped me and said “you are home now, you’re our fucking Slut” and he forced my head onto his cock as his hips pushed it deep into my throat. I began gagging again but felt a soft touch on my face as I looked up and saw Bitch brushing the hair from my face blurred through my tears.  She said “relax” and I did as I felt a cock forced into my sore ass.  Sam’s cock thrust deeper and harder into me as Mark did this same. Bitch then began licking Sam’s testicles as my head was pulled on and off of his cock. “Can I fuck your Bitch?” Ted asked “fuck away” replied Sam as he mounted her from behind. Sam began moaning sharply and as his cock was thrust down my throat I felt his warm cum dripping down into me.

After his moans had subsided he whimpered “I am done” Mark and Ted pulled their cocks from us and Mark lay on the bed as Sam’s cock wilted from my mouth. “Time to fuck me on top Slut” and Mark pulled me onto him and drove his cock into my cunt. He pulled my body close to his as I felt another cock enter my ass. I looked back and saw Ted. Again the both fucked my raw and sore holes hard. Ted again came into my ass and pulled quickly from me and “Clean it up Bitch” he demanded as her mouth met my ass she began licking into my hole and sucking all of the cum he had deposited into me while Sam still pushed his cock deep inside of me. “Fuck her with this” Mark said as he gave Bitch a large black anal plug that she forced into my ass. I moaned and felt full again as I began to cum.

Bitch left the large plug in my ass as Sam filled me with his cum and pushed me off of him. He pulled Bitch onto him and began kissing her and telling her how much he loved her I laid next to them and Ted began stroking my hair and face. All four of us laid there kissing and embracing each other. Mark returned and said “alright food is done” and Ted lifted me from the bed and sat me at the table filled with food. As he placed me on the chair I felt the plug push deeper into my ass.  We all ate in silence.

As soon as we were finished all three men kissed both of us and bid us a good night. “Can I leave now” I asked and Ted said “not yet no, but tomorrow morning you will if you want”.  They left and locked the door behind them. Bitch finally began speaking “What’s your name?” “Regina” I replied “Erica” she stated “it is good to meet you. Where did they find you?” I thought that maybe she had been found the same way as me and I said “Walmart, you?” She replied “the movie theater”.

I had loads of questions to ask Erica. “Are you like Sam’s slave?”

“Sexually yes, but not daily”

“Do you want to be?”

“Of course, I love Sam, he is my master. I couldn’t live without him.”

I was puzzled how could she love this man that makes her fuck other people.

“I love all of them, in a way” she said. “I love how each of them makes me feel beautiful like they can’t live without me. Would you like to go to bed? I am sure you are tired. We can talk more in the morning”

I replied “sure, but you have to promise to explain some things” and she said “ok” as she held my hand and led me to the bed. “Can I take this thing out of my ass?” She laid down “no leave it in I promise it will make thing easier later” and I lay next to her, but not touching her. She sighed and then curled up close next to me and said “Regina, I love you too and I am glad you are here.” I had no reply I just closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

I woke in the middle of the night to Erica gently kissing my face. “Are you still sore?” she asked and I nodded. She got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a tube that looked like some type of medication. She said “spread your legs this will help a ton”. I trusted her and I didn’t know why, but I spread my legs and she began to rub the gel around my pussy and into my cunt deep.  It was a cool feeling, but very refreshing. “Turn over” she said and I got on all fours and presented my ass to her. She pulled the plug out and applied the gel around my ass and also gently inside of it. She kissed my ass and began massaging my back.  I laid flat on my stomach as she gently touched my body.  She nudged me to roll over and I did she took my nipple in her mouth and began teasing it with her tongue. She was so soft and gentle and beautiful. I began stroking her hair and face.

The tips of her finger found my swollen clit and I pulled her mouth from my tit and kissed her deeply, her tongue began exploring my own. She pulled away and began kissing down my neck, my breasts, my navel, and finally she rested her lips on my clit. Gently she inserted her fingers into me and found my G-spot. She massaged it while sucking lightly on my clit. I felt as a rush of butterflies fluttered through my belly. Her touch was amazing as I began to climax and tighten around her fingers. She giggled and as soon as she felt my muscles loosen their grip on her she pulled her fingers from me and lay on her back next to me.

I felt obligated to please her as well I lay on my side next to her and began stroking my fingers up and down her body. I began tickling her milky white breasts. I began kissing her mouth then all over her body. I knew I wanted to make her cum, but was also hesitant because I wasn’t sure I knew how. She whispered me instructions “now just lightly kiss my clit as I did yours” I did as she said. “Pull gently on the lips of my pussy; use your tongue to open me up for you. Now put your first two fingers inside of me. Act like you are trying to tickle my belly button” I turned my hand and found a rough spot inside of her and began massaging it stiffly with the tips of my fingers. “Oh yeah that is the spot just keep doing that and at the same time suck on my clit”.  I felt her start to breath heavily and she began to moan “don’t stop, that is it, please don’t stop. Now go faster.” I felt her beginning to orgasm as her muscles tightened down around my fingers and her juices flowed out of her.  It felt amazing I pulled my fingers from her and began lapping up all of the juices that now covered her cunt and dripped down her ass. I licked directly over her ass hole and then pressed my tongue into it. She began moaning again and turned over on her hands and knees I licked from her clit to her ass over and over. Then I pushed my fingers into her cunt and my tongue into her ass.  She loved it and began screaming in pleasure cumming again for me.  She fell forward after she had finished. I pulled her close to me kissed her and she said good night falling asleep in my arms.

I laid there awake thinking about the days happenings and for the first time in my life I felt almost complete. Erica was in my arms this man seemed to truly love me and I began to wonder if this was the lifestyle for me. Maybe I won’t leave tomorrow and see how things go.